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Yamaha DME32 - Digital Mixing Engine - B-Stock

Yamaha DME32 - Digital Mixing Engine - B-Stock

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Brand: Yamaha

Yamaha DME32 - Digital Mixing Engine - B-Stock
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Yamaha DME32 - Digital Mixing Engine - B-Stock

DME32 audio systems, or configurations as they’re known in DME32 terminology, are built in an intuitive “block diagram” style using Yamaha’s dedicated DME Manager software. Building configurations consists of adding the necessary components, wiring them together, compiling, and then transferring that information to the DME32, using either RS232/RS422, USB (Universal Serial Bus), or PC Cards.

Once programmed, the DME32 operates as a standalone processor and the PC can be disconnected, although it can be connected permanently in applications where real-time control from DME Manager is desirable. Even then, if the PC connection is lost for some reason, the DME32 just keeps on going.
Components form the building blocks in configurations. Some components are complete audio processors, such as mixers, compressors, effects, and crossovers, while others are individual parts, such as faders, switches, pan controls, and meters. System designers can create their own custom components using the User modules.

DME Manager operates in one of three modes: Edit, Cable, or Run. Edit mode is used mainly to build and edit configurations, although it can also be used to edit and preview scenes offline. Cable mode is for wiring components together. Run mode is used to control the DME32 system in real time, which includes editing component parameters, storing and recalling scenes, and recalling configurations. In Run mode, actions performed on DME Manager are reflected on the DME32 and vice versa.

The DME32 can store two configurations: A and B. Additional configurations can be stored on PC Cards. Each configuration can store up to 99 scenes, or snapshots of every component parameter setting in the configuration. Configurations and scenes can be recalled from the DME32 front panel, DME Manager, MIDI, or the GPI interface. Configurations and scenes can be titled from the PC keyboard for easy identification.

When operating as a standalone processor, various DME32 functions can controlled from the front panel, including editing component parameters, storing and recalling scenes, and recalling configurations. Direct access to a specific parameter is possible by assigning it to the [USER DEFINE] button. The large, two-digit scene number display indicates the current scene, while the 48-character LCD displays configuration and scene titles, component and parameter names, parameter values, and so on. Unauthorized operation can be prevented by using the password protection.

The DME32 offers 32 inputs and 32 outputs via four mini YGDAI card slots. Optional mini YGDAI (Yamaha General Digital Audio Interface) cards offer a variety of analog and digital I/O configurations, with support for all the popular digital audio interconnect formats, including AES/EBU, ADAT, and Tascam TDIF-1. Inputs and outputs can be expanded in multiples of 32 by cascading additional DME32s. Up to four DME32s can be cascaded, providing a maximum of 128 inputs and 128 outputs. Cascade components offer bus-like signal distribution in multiple-unit systems and can also be used for DSP power sharing between DME32s.
Superb sonic performance is achieved using 32-bit internal signal processing and a 48 kHz internal sampling rate. External sampling rates of between 39.69 kHz to 50.88 kHz are supported and can be set individually for each configuration.

Remote interaction between DME32 functions and custom-made controllers and other equipment is possible using MIDI and the GPI interface, which offers 16 assignable inputs and 16 assignable outputs. Scenes and configurations can be recalled using MIDI Program Change messages or the GPI interface. Component parameters can be controlled by using MIDI Control Change messages, System Exclusive messages, or custom-made controllers attached to the GPI interface.

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Additional Information

Manufacturer Yamaha
Model Yamaha DME32 B-Stock
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