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TC Helicon Voice Live

TC Helicon Voice Live

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Brand: TC Electronic

TC-Helicon worked with numerous performing vocal artists during the design of VoiceLive. Using the feedback from these artists and TC-Helicon's experience in vocal processing featuring Studio-quality mic preamp, The most natural sounding vocal harmony available using proprietary TC-Helicon technology and HybridShift harmony generation for smooth, natural harmony voices
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TC Helicon Voice Live

As a performing musician you strive to assemble the right mix of gear to make your performances shine - but what about your voice? In the studio you polish your vocals to perfection using EQ, compression, pitch correction, harmonies and effects. VoiceLive brings your signature vocal sound on the road, putting your studio voice tools at your feet.

A studio vocal rack on stage
When you're in the studio you use great tools to get the best out of your vocal performance. You spend time auditioning mic preamps, reverbs, EQs, delays and effects to get a recording just right. With VoiceLive you have all your vocal tools in one dedicated box for live performance and control. You get the same quality processing you expect in a studio environment. The EQ, compression, delay and reverb algorithms boast renowned TC-Quality that professionals have come to expect. VoiceLive also contains the best harmony, correction and doubling algorithms from TC-Helicon's acclaimed rack mounted vocal processor, VoiceWorks.

In addition to the studio quality signal path, TC-Helicon developed and implemented VOSTM Limiter - an optical limiter optimized for voice. The analog architecture of the VOSTM Limiter ensures that you'll never distort the mic input while maintaining premium sound quality.

The most natural sounding harmonies
Creating realistic background vocals is easy with VoiceLive. Four unique harmony logic algorithms add harmonies with varying amounts of intelligence. The harmony parts are generated from your lead voice - or if you're looking for even more punch from your harmonies, let a second singer use VoiceLive to create a multi-voice back-up ensemble

VoiceLive uses the same revolutionary technologies to generate real-time harmonies as the TC-Helicon rack-mount harmony product, VoiceWorks. Each of the four harmony voices uses the Hybrid Shifting algorithm. This superior pitch-shifting algorithm is combined with a voice-trained pitch-detection algorithm and human-modeled naturalization parameters to create natural harmonies to reinforce your live performances.

Transparent Pitch Correction
Driven by TC-Helicon's voice-trained pitch-detection algorithm, VoiceLive's automatic pitch correction is the most transparent available. With factory and custom scales, the "Correct" block can fix intonation problems in any musical style. Amount, Attack and a 200-cent window control make natural pitch correction easy to achieve.

Easy Control at your feet
TC-Helicon worked with numerous performing vocal artists during the design of VoiceLive. Using the feedback from these artists and TC-Helicon's experience in vocal processing, VoiceLive was designed for easy control in any setup.

Eight foot-switches and multiple control modes make VoiceLive easy to use in your performance.

  • Preset Mode gives you fast hands-free access to harmony parameters like key and scale type.
  • Song Mode lets you select from stored songs and navigate through their steps.
  • Direct Mode give direct access to stored presets - It's as easy as selecting radio stations on your car radio.
  • Voices Mode lets you individually toggle each harmony voice on/off using the top four foot-switch buttons.
  • A user foot-switch is assignable to TAP Tempo (for the delay effect), Harmony Hold, and to many other useful parameters. Get more creative control by using an expression pedal to sweep through assignable modifiers.

Built for the road
To ensure the integrity of your vocal performance, VoiceLive is assembled with rugged components. The bottom plate is constructed using a powder-coated steel-plate with anti-skid rubber matting. The buttons and data knobs are recessed and reinforced by double aluminium construction. Rear mounted die-cast steel handles protect your cables and make it easy to carry. You don't need to be gentle with VoiceLive.

TC Voice Live Features

  • Studio-quality mic preamp (Burr Brown INA163 based) with VOSTM Limiter and 48V phantom power
  • Vocal Processing technology based on VoiceWorks including:
  • The most natural sounding vocal harmony available using proprietary TC-Helicon technology
  • HybridShift harmony generation for smooth, natural harmony voices
  • Humanization of harmony voices utilizing: FlexTime, Human-Modeled Vibrato, Inflection, Pitch randomization, Portamento and gender
  • Four harmony control modes for intelligent voicing and/or MIDI controlSelectable Equal-tempered and Just tuning for harmonies
  • HarmonyHold - freezes harmony voices for more interesting harmony phrasing.Automatic pitch correction using factory and custom scales
  • Lead voice doubling
  • TC Electronic 3-band EQ, low cut and compressor/gate
  • TC Electronic reverb & tap-tempo delay
  • Eight smooth-travel footswitches
  • Five edit knobs for hands-on preset editing
  • Expression pedal input
  • MIDI control over all parameters via CC and SYSEX
  • MIC pass thru to post mixing by Front of House engineer
  • AUX input to reverb/delay
  • 24 bit harmony processing
  • S/PDIF digital I/O

Additional Features

  • Get a complete vocal sound from a signal path that typically takes up five rack spaces.
  • Clipping is not a concern - the integrated VOSTM Limiter will protect your sound from distorting.
  • Solo artists can mix their vocal and instrument sound, as well as add effects using the dedicated instrument input.
  • Easy to use and flexible operation - step through various features such as presets, key, scale and an advanced song mode.
  • I/O designed for live setup, including a mic-thru output for easy integration with front of house consoles.
  • Studio-quality mic preamp with 48V phantom power.
  • Mechanical construction that can stand up to the rigors of the road.
Additional Information

Additional Information

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