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Console Repair

Our Service Department engineers have experience repairing and servicing both digital and analogue consoles from a range of manufacturers including Yamaha, Avid (Digidesign), Allen & Heath, Audient, Toft, SSL and Soundcraft amongst others.

With access to a wide range of spare parts from all leading manufacturers, we are able to repair most professional consoles both new and old and in most form factors, whether it be a small 4-channel mixer through to 48-channels+…

We can offer repairs and servicing on studio, broadcast and live consoles as well as control surfaces and summing amps.

We can help diagnose any issues if your mixing desk:

  • Has any channels with a reduced frequency response
  • Has noisy faders, pots or switches
  • Automated faders are not moving
  • Has noisy or intermittent inputs and outputs
  • Is not turning on
  • Has faulty DSP or other digital functions

Common services we offer include:

  • Replacement pots
  • Replacement faders
  • Replacement connectors
  • Replacement meters
  • Power supply repairs
  • Replacement digital boards
  • Servicing and cleaning

We have annually calibrated test equipment from Lindos, Neutrik and NTI to ensure an accurate repair or service.

Repair and Service Charges

Items for assessment and repair are subject to an inspection charge of £65.00 (ex. vat), which will be waived from any repair charge.

Labour is charged at £65.00 (ex. vat) per hour and we will advise an estimated turnaround and cost before any work is undertaken.

Contact the Service Department
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