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Sales: Recording

Studiocare maintain a close and relationship with many of the UK's most respected recording studios and artists. Having built up a level of trust and loyalty over the years, our clients return time after time as a result of our high level of customer support and advice.

AMS Neve, throughout the years, have produced some of the best pieces of outboard on the market.Here at Studiocare, as the UK's largest stockist of AMS Neve outboard in the UK, we can offer unsurpassed advice and great prices on the items below:

  • Modern Classics; 1073, 1073 DPA, 1073DPD
  • 88 series; 8801, 8816
  • Vintage; 2254, 33609



Combined with our experienced sales staff and our dedicated tech support team, we can offer a unique service and taylor a rig to your specific needs and offer a complete peace of mind solution.

From the HD systems to the LE systems, we ensure stability and compatibility with all our systems even before they leave the testing bench.


If you’re looking for that vintage sound of a Trident A Range, and you want to add warmth to the digital recording chain, look no further: the Daking mic preamps add a distinctive sonic character that really make your recordings come alive.

Daking are now Distributed in the UK by Studiocare, call for more information


The Cascade Microphone Company is located in Olympia Washington, over-looking the beautiful Puget Sound. The name, inspired by the Cascade Mountain range, is fast becoming recognized in the Pro Audio industry.

Since its inception, Cascade Microphones goal has been to offer a high-quality product at an exceptional value


Studiocare hold a huge stock of all the full range of Royer Ribbon Microphones.

From the acclaimed R122 to the superb SF24 , we can recommend the right ribbon mic for your chosen application.

Endorsed by many of the world’s leading engineers and producers, the R and SF series represent a new generation in microphone design.


We offer the full range of Focusrite audio equipment including the following items...

  • Liquid Channel/Mix
  • ISA430MKII, ISA 428 and ISA 230
  • Saffire Range; Saffire Le & Saffire Pro 26 I/O
  • Platinum Range; Twintrak Pro & Voicemaster Pro


Neumann have long been at the heart of microphone design and offer some of the best designed and manufactured microphones available.

  • M149 tube, M147 tube, M150 tube
  • TLM 103, TLM 127,TLM 170R, TLM 193, TLM 49, TLM 50-S
  • U87Ai, U89, USM 69i
  • KM 184, KM 183, KM 184 D
  • KMS 104/105, KK 104/105
  • RSM 191 A-S, KMR 82i
  • BCM 104, BCM 705


The name Drawmer is synonymous with professional signal processing in recording studio, broadcast and live sound reinforcement environments.

  • Pro Series; DS201 & DL441
  • 60's Series; 1960 &1969 mercenary edition
  • Masterflow; DC2476 & DC2496
  • MX Series; MX30 & MX60
  • Tubestation; TS1 & TS2
  • Plug ins; Tour Buss & Drawmer Dynamics TDM


Universal Audio’s range of outboard includes the LA2A, 1176, 6176 and LA 610 which define UA's seamless commitment to detail and perfection in audio.

The UAD plug in system, which emulates Neve, Pultec, Helios, Urei and Teletronix EQs/Compressors, continues to instill UA’s reputation as a manufacturer of prestige audio products.


Lexicon’s top-of-the-line effects units, available from Studiocare, include some of the following classics...

  • 960L
  • PCM 81, PCM 91
  • MPX-1
  • MX200, MX500
  • Omega, Lambda, Alpha


Waves TDM and Native plug ins have become an industry standard within the computer recording world of audio signal processing.

  • Mercury Bundle
  • Diamond Bundle
  • Platinum Bundle
  • SSL 4000 collection
  • API collection
  • Masters collection
  • Restoration collection


Genelec is a leading manufacturer of outstanding active studio monitors for all professional audio applications.

A wide range of active monitors cover all applications from traditional stereo to modern digital surround sound reproduction with latest digital audio formats. All Genelec monitors, regardless of size, share the same neutral sound characteristics.

  • 8020A, 8030A, 8040A, 8050A
  • 1034A, 1039A, 1035B, 1036A
  • 1034BC, 1038BC, 1037C, 1038B
  • 7050B, 7060B, 7070A, 7071A, 7073A
  • 7271A, 7270A, 7260A 


AKA Design is a specialist manufacturer, producing stylish and cost efficient studio furniture. From the Pro Wave Series to the compact Pro Edit, Studiocare are able to specify the most suitable furniture combination to meet your equipment/workspace needs.