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Funktion One for sale

Studiocare is an authorised distribution and rental partner of Funktion One equipment. Based in the UK, Funktion One design and manufacture world-renowned and critically acclaimed speaker systems. Their product range covers compact installation speakers, to DJ monitoring, to large-scale festival rigs.

Funktion One products are known for their high power output, incredible acoustic efficiency and unparalleled audio quality as well as their striking looks. This is all owed to the innovating use of horn loading technology, which other manufacturers choose to ignore in favour of simpler, less efficient designs.

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Below is just a selection of the Funktion One Range available

Resolution 1

The Funktion One Resolution 1 is a radical, 2-way loudspeaker enclosure, resulting from Tony Andrews' 30 years pioneering research and development of high efficiency cone mid-range. A unique Funktion-One 5" loudspeaker eliminates the need for compression drivers with their associated harshness and distortion. This device, when used in conjunction with the dedicated Axhead loaded waveguide, smoothly reproduces both mid-range and high frequencies with exceptional coherency and detail. Further, this 5" device smoothly connects with the 12" ported low frequency driver at 520Hz. 

This is in contrast to conventional 2-way systems where compromised compression drivers are stretched to (almost) meet equally stretched and indistinct 12" or 15" low frequency drivers at between 1 and 2kHz. The accuracy, projection and imaging detail of the R1 make it ideally suited to high intelligibility applications including theatrical use.

Funktion One Res 1

Resolution 2

The Funktion One Resolution 2 is an entirely horn loaded, surprisingly compact, full range loudspeaker enclosure. The driver complement comprises a 15" for bass, an 8" for midrange and a 1" for high frequencies. Funktion One’s waveguide and driver technology produces clear, involving and powerful sound. The R2’s unique combination of size, high efficiency and sonic excellence make it ideally suited to a wide range of uses. This loudspeaker resolves the requirement for quality, response and level from a small source.

Resolution 2 systems can be supplemented with additional Funktion One bass including Infrabass, F218s and F121s.

Funktion One Res 2

Resolution 3

The Funktion One Resolution 3 is a powerful and completely horn-loaded, full-range loudspeaker enclosure. Its advanced 3-way design integrates a large voice coil 18" bass driver with a high performance 10” midrange loudspeaker and a 1" compression driver for high frequencies.

As with all Funktion One systems, great attention has been paid to the loading and tuning of these drivers, resulting in high efficiency, clarity and realism. The Resolution 3 can be used stand alone or supplemented with Funktion-One’s bass enclosures including the F121 and F221 as required.

Funktion One Resolution 3

Resolution 4

Funktion One Res 4 Touring
The Resolution 4 Touring is a three-way mid-high loudspeaker enclosure perfectly suited for use in medium sized applications. Typically used two wide for 80-90 degree overall dispersion, the Resolution 4 can also be used as delay or in-fill with Resolution 5 systems (for example as side hangs in Arena systems interspersed with Resolution 18s). Dimensionally identical to the Resolution 5 and 18, this enclosure also shares the same patented point-source flying system making for fast and easily adjustable set up. All inter-cabinet flying hardware is built into each enclosure leaving no chains, pins or tools to lose. Furthermore, this system allows secure ground stacking with optimum angle adjustment. This is a powerful and efficient mid-high enclosure which is designed to be operated as part of a four way system with F218, F121 or F221 bass. The sonic quality of the Resolution 4 is exceptional.

Funktion One Res 4E
If the built-in flying system is not required, installation and simplified ‘E’ enclosure variants are also available.

Funktion One Resolution 4

Resolution 5

Funktion One Res 5 Touring
The Resolution 5 Touring enclosure is a high intensity three-way, mid-high loudspeaker used to create high accuracy point-source arrays. The unique and patented midrange Axhead loading device not only gives incredible efficiency and dispersion control, but also increases high frequency output from the 8" cone driver. This means that the crossover point to the compression driver can be raised to around 6kHz for dramatically reduced distortion compared to the compression driver based midrange systems so prevalent in the industry. Its highly controlled and focused dispersion enables precise tailoring of overall system coverage, simply through the geometry of the array. Unwanted room reflections are thereby substantially reduced, maintaining the enclosure's high intelligibility. The system's flexibility in application makes it suitable for any event size from 500 people to the largest festival, thereby maximising use of rental inventory. Its innovative and simple integrated flying system, combined with minimal size and weight, allow for easy and effective flying or ground stacking.

Funktion One Res 5E
The Resolution 5E presents a series of cost effective options for the installation and touring world alike, bridging the application gap between the Skeletal and Full Touring versions of the Resolution 5 in terms of enclosure design features. With equal sound quality to the full touring Resolution 5, the 5E is supplied in a simplified 'trapezoid' enclosure without the built in flying hardware provided on the full touring version.

 Funktion One Resolution 5

F218 MK2

The Funktion One F218 Mk2 is a bass enclousre featuring two 18I drivers. the F218 Mk2 highly regarded in professional audio circles for its extreme robustness and delivery of large quantities of tight, punchy, well-defined clean bass from a relatively small and very manageable package. It has often been emulated but never equalled. The recently introduced F218 Mk2 brings refined loading, improved heat dissipation and an updated driver spec.

 Funktion One F218 MK2


The Funktion One F221 is a bass enclosure featuring two 21" drivers. By using Neodymium instead of Ceramic, the magnet weight has been reduced from 28.5kg to 11.5kg which opened the possibility for a dual 21". The Funktion-One designed drivers are incredibly robust and have 6” voice coils for maximising power input. The resulting F221 is an exceptionally efficient high-intensity bass enclosure providing fast, accurate, physical bass of the highest calibre.

 Funktion One F221