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Roland M-300 - 32 Channel M-300 Mixing Console

Roland M-300 - 32 Channel M-300 Mixing Console

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Brand: Roland

The Roland M300 V-Mixer is a 32 Channel Digital Mixing console. With 8 Aux buses and 4 matrices, 4-band PEQ and dynamics on all channels, built in effects and 24bit AD/DA. Remotely controllable from a PC. Integrates perfectly with other parts of the V-Mixing system.
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Roland M-300 - 32 Channel M-300 Mixing Console

Roland introduced the modern V-Mixing System to the world in 2007. The V-Mixing System incorporates several models of V-Mixer Live Mixing Consoles, Digital Snakes for advanced digital audio transmission, the M-48 Personal Mixing System and the SONAR REAC Recording System for multi-channel recording. The V-Mixing System has been embraced the world over because of its high-quality sound, powerful features, extensibility and ease of operation. V-Mixing Systems are currently in use in live venues, touring and production, television and radio broadcasting/recording, as well as concert halls, educational institutions and houses of worship.

The M-300 V-Mixer expands the number of V-Mixing System applications with a compact, highly portable chassis useable in any type of situation. The M-300 builds on the core V-Mixer feature set to represent the highest levels of performance at a breakthrough price.

Roland M300 V-Mixer features:

  • 32 mixing channels, L/C/R outputs, 8 AUX buses, 4 Matrices
  • 4-band PEQ and dynamics on all channels
  • 11 different built-in multi-effects/ PEQ and delay on all outputs
  • 24bit AD/DA for high-quality sound
  • Remotely controllable from a PC
  • Record to /playback from USB flash memory
  • Perfectly integrates with the Digital Snake for simple and high-quality audio transmission, distribution, splits and merging
  • Construct a flexible and powerful system by adding the Personal Mixing System, multi-channel recording and other REAC components.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Roland
Model M300
GTIN 4957054411565
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