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Microtech Gefell UM92.1S Tube Condenser Microphone

Microtech Gefell UM92.1S Tube Condenser Microphone

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Tube Condenser Microphone featuring the classic M7 Capsule which is renowned for its sound quality.
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The UM 92.1 S studio microphone features our classic M 7 capsule which is renowned for its sound quality. This pressure gradient transducer use two large diameter gold sputtered plastic membranes.The capsules are selected for optimum polar response.Three directional characteristics, omni-directional, cardioid and figure-8 are selectable with a pattern selector switch mounted on the power supply.

The vacuum tube microphone shows a considerable signal-to-noise ratio and a high sensitivity. The UM 92.1 S has the typical warm full sound of tube microphones which is especially preferred by singers and soloists. The direction of maximum sensitivity is radial to the grill, i. e. side addressed. The vacuum tube amplifier is a time proven design using a pentode working as high µ triode selected for its sonic characteristics.

The UN 920.1 power supply provides the polarization voltage for the capsule and the necessary DC voltages to the microphone amplifier. It is recommended to set the heater voltage of the power supply to 5,8 volts by your service work- shop for cable lengths longer than 50 meters. The UN 920.1 can be powered from AC mains with the primery voltage from 115 or 230 volts - 50 or 60 Hz.

Mounted on the front panel are the pattern selector switch and the on/off - switch. Mounted on the rear panel are the AC mains connector with choise of voltage, the 7-pin Tuchel connector which powers the microphone and a standard 3-pin XLR connector for audio output.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Microtech Gefell
Model SMIGUM921S
Single or Pair N/A