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  1. Neumann U87AI MT

    Neumann U 87 Ai mt - Large diaphragm microphone with 3 switchable patterns

    The Neumann U87 Ai MT is a large dual-diaphragm, multi-pattern condenser microphone in a nickel finish. It comes in a wooden box with a stand mount. The U 87 is equipped with a large dual-diaphragm capsule with three directional patterns: omnidirecti...
    £2,100.00 (inc. vat)
    £1,750.00 (ex. vat)

  2. Sennheiser e 914

    Sennheiser e 914 - Pencil Cardioid Condenser microphone

    High-grade condenser microphone with cardioid polar pattern and Very high sound pressure handling capability...
    £329.00 (inc. vat)
    £274.17 (ex. vat)

  3. Sennheiser e 602 II

    Sennheiser e 602 II - Cardioid dynamic microphone designed for bass instruments

    The Sennheiser e602 II is a cardioid instrument microphone especially suitable for use with bass drums, bass guitar cabs, tubas and other low frequency instruments. Featuring Rugged, lightweight aluminium body for stable positioning on long microphon...
    £129.00 (inc. vat)
    £107.50 (ex. vat)

  4. Sennheiser ME 66

    Sennheiser ME 66 - Short Gun Microphone Head

    The Sennheiser ME 66 is a short gun microphone head designed for use with the K6 and K6P powering modules. The Sennheiser ME 66 is especially suitable for reporting, film and broadcast location applications and for picking up quiet signals in noisy o...
    £169.00 (inc. vat)
    £140.83 (ex. vat)

  5. Sennheiser MD441 - Super Cardioid dynamic microphone

    Sennheiser MD 441-U - Super-Cardioid Dynamic Microphone

    The MD 441 is a microphone of exceptional quality: its acoustic properties come as close as possible to those of a condenser microphone. Accurate signal response and low distortion are ensured, even with the highest sound pressure levels. Surface: al...
    £759.00 (inc. vat)
    £632.50 (ex. vat)

  6. Sennheiser e 935

    Sennheiser e 935 - Cardioid Vocal Microphone

    The Sennheiser E935 is a cardioid vocal stage microphone specially designed to perform under pressure while cutting through the mix with its high output. Made for the working musician. Excellent sound results guaranteed, day to day, 365 days a year....
    £169.00 (inc. vat)
    £140.83 (ex. vat)

  7. Neumann TLM 49

    Neumann TLM 49 Set - Large diaphragm studio microphone with suspension

    The Neumann TLM 49 is a large-diaphragm studio microphone with a cardioid directional characteristic and a warm sound which is especially optimized for vocal performance. It is supplied as a set, with an elastic suspension....
    £1,259.00 (inc. vat)
    £1,049.17 (ex. vat)

  8. Shure Beta58  Dynamic Microphone

    Shure Beta58 - Dynamic Microphone

    The Shure Beta 58A is a high-output supercardioid dynamic vocal microphone designed for professional sound reinforcement and project studio recording. It maintains a true supercardioid pattern throughout its frequency range. This insures high gain-be...
    £152.00 (inc. vat)
    £126.67 (ex. vat)

  9. Sennheiser Evolution E945

    Sennheiser e 945 - Super-cardioid dynamic microphone, professional vocal mic with 100% metal casing

    The Sennheiser e945 is a super-cardioid, dynamic handheld microphone. Its pick up pattern offers very high rejection from other sound sources not directly in front of the capsule, ensuring vocal and speech parts are picked up as cleanly as possible. ...
    £179.00 (inc. vat)
    £149.17 (ex. vat)

  10. Neumann KMS104

    Neumann KMS 104 - Cardioid vocalist microphone - Nickel

    The Neumann KMS 104 is a handheld condenser microphone featuring a cardioid response designed specifically for on-stage vocal use. The high acoustic resolution and smooth frequency response of the microphones ensure that the musician has optimal cont...
    £459.00 (inc. vat)
    £382.50 (ex. vat)

Set Ascending Direction

31-40 of 1893