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Little Labs LMNO Pre - Mono Preamp with Variable Phase Control & EQ - Discontinued

Little Labs LMNO Pre - Mono Preamp with Variable Phase Control & EQ - Discontinued
This product is now discontinued
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Brand: Little Labs

The Little Labs LMNO Pre is a brand new preamp design with variable phase control & EQ.

Little Labs LMNO Pre

With so many new microphone pre-amplifiers using some new, but mostly vintage design philosophy, the Little Labs LMNO Pre has done what Little Labs does best, designed a totally new microphone preamplifier, which not only sounds fantastic but gives a degree of control over the sound allowing you to capture sound unlike any microphone preamplifier before.   

Little Labs LMNO Pre Features

  • A fully discrete gain stage with up to 74dB of clean, quiet, gain with a maximum level out of 31dB.   
  • A completely differential circuit topology from input to output.   
  • Low frequency resonance control (utilizing a unique polystyrene capacitor passive circuit topology) allowing a controlled resonance creating (amongst other things) a tune-able proximity effect without being in close proximity of the microphone.   
  • Selectable fully variable phase alignment (the same circuit topology as the award winning Little Labs IBP phase alignment tool).   
  • Phase alignment insert, allowing you to use the phase alignment control separately at line level.   
  • Front panel direct injection system utilizing its own custom transformer, with two inputs, one passive for use with active instruments, and one active for passive pickups.   
  • Rear panel external mic input transformer connector allowing optional external mic input transformer to be selected by the user for special applications.   
  • Switch selectable post output transformer output level trim, allowing controlled transformer saturation without overloading post microphone preamplifier devices.   
  • Output transformer front panel bypass switch.   
  • Front panel and rear panel mic in XLRs with a front panel selector switch.   
  • And...the more common microphone preamplifier features, phantom, pad, polarity etc.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Little Labs
Model Little Labs LMNO Pre