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iZotope Ozone 8 Advanced & Neutron 2 Advanced - Bundle

iZotope Ozone 8 Advanced & Neutron 2 Advanced - Bundle

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Brand: Izotope

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iZotope's Ozone is the industry's most comprehensive mastering suite, covering all the elements, and the new Ozone 8 builds on that legacy and reputation by introducing new intelligent signal processing tonal balance control, spectral shaping and more. Accompanying Ozone 8 in this bundle is iZotopes Neutron 2 Advanced software, iZotopes groundbreaking mixing and analysis tool, giving you 5 unique audio processors partnered with intuitive metering and analysis controls.
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iZotope Ozone 8 Advanced & Neutron 2 Bundle

iZotope's Ozone is the industry's most comprehensive mastering suite, covering all the elements, and the new Ozone 8 builds on that legacy and reputation by introducing new intelligent signal processing tonal balance control, spectral shaping and more. It's Ozone's most intelligent version released so far and the future of mastering, giving you 12 essential mastering processors. The advanced version is a step up from the standard, giving you all the features of the Ozone 8, as well as the features being able to be used as plug-ins for your favourite DAW's.

iZotope's Neutron Advanced software is key to achieving the mix you want. With Neutron's groundbreaking mixing and analysis tools, you get 5 unique audio processors partnered with intuitive metering and analysis controls. By analysing your audio, Neutron can offer top of the line custom presets for Compression, EQ and more, covering single or multiband modes. This amazing piece of software will save you significant time and help you achieve outstanding results.


Ozone 8 Advanced

Assistance with control

Master Assistant uses the sonic profile of your audio to help you get to a logical starting point. Because your time is better spent adding your sonic signature, Master Assistant will suggest targets, signal chain, and processor settings, so you can get back to what’s most important—adding that personal touch.

Balance your master

The new Tonal Balance Control plug-in introduces industry-first visual analysis and communicates with all instances of Ozone so you can shape a perfectly balanced master. Instantly call up any Ozone Equalizer and adjust your tracks to targets based on ten of thousands of professional masters. You can even create your own custom targets from one or more songs in your personal library. Neutron

The Tonal Balance Control plug-in not only communicates with the Ozone 8 Equalizer and Post EQ modules, but Neutron 2 EQ modules as well. This inter-plugin communication lets you fix mix issues during mastering and helps bridge the mixing and mastering gap. No more context switching or opening up multiple windows—just tonally balanced, professional sounding music.

Taming of the shrill

Smooth and sculpt problematic and harsh frequencies with the new Spectral Shaper module. Mold your audio by applying frequency-specific dynamics, surgically or creatively, to create smooth, balanced audio. Fantastic for taming percussive transients, Spectral Shaper can tame sibilant hi-hats, harsh vocals, plucky acoustic guitars, and other overly bright mix elements. For a creative twist, use Spectral Shaper across any frequency band to experiment with timbre, resonance, and transient information without affecting other elements of the source audio.

Neutron 2 Advanced

Visual Mixer

The new Visual Mixer creates a picture of the entire soundstage, giving you control over individual tracks and enabling you to quickly and intuitively set the contour of your mix—all without leaving the window. Control the pan, gain, and width inside of Neutron so your mix sounds exactly how you intended.

Masking Meter

An industry first, Neutron's Masking Meter allows you to visually identify perceptual frequency collisions, which can result in guitars masking lead vocals, bass covering up drums, and other issues that can cause a "muddy" or overly crowded mix. Toggle seamlessly between any two tracks to carve out sonic space and ensure each instrument has its own place to shine

Improved Track Assistant

Another industry first, Neutron’s updated Track Assistant lets you create a custom starting point based on your audio so you can focus on what’s most important—your creative take on the mix. In version two, we’ve made improvements including the ability to set auto-release, ratio and attack on the Compressor, piano instrument detection based on machine learning, and more.

Improved Neutrino Mode

Different instrument tracks — like vocals, dialogue, guitar, bass, piano, and drums — are automatically detected. Neutron then applies iZotope’s spectral shaping technology within Neutrino Mode to provide subtle clarity and balance to each of your tracks.

EQ, with EQ Learn

The workhorse EQ features clean yet subtly warm processing and a pristine analog-style signal path. With 12 bands of powerful static and dynamic EQ, various new and vintage filter types, and flexible side-chain capabilities, it's your new go-to EQ for all your mixing tasks. Version 2 also adds analog-style soft saturation for an even warmer sound.


A parallel processing powerhouse, the Compressor offers the ultimate sonic versatility: the best of classically ‘gluey’ character as well as transparent digital compression styles. Adjust to taste with features like Vintage mode, Auto Release, and flexible Analog (zero latency) and Transparent (hybrid) crossovers for the ultimate in multiband control.


The new Gate offers all the modern DSP processing you’d expect from iZotope plus analog-style touches, like Hysteresis, that offer smoother noise gating. With three bands, Crossover Learn functionality, and Hold option, you can get the ultimate control over removing bleed and creating better separation of your tracks.

Transient Shaper

The multiband Transient Shaper offers clarity, perceptual loudness, and impact enhancement for the most responsive sonic sculpting anywhere. With three musically versatile Contour controls, your drums, guitars, vocals and sound FX have never sounded this punchy.



  • Supported operating systems
    • Mac: OS X 10.8.5 - macOS 10.12.6
    • Windows: Windows 7 - 10
  • Supported plug-in hosts
    • Pro Tools 10-12
    • Logic Pro X
    • Ableton Live 9
    • Cubase 9
    • FL Studio 12
    • REAPER 5
    • Reason 9.5
    • Bitwig Studio 2
    • Studio One 3
    • Nuendo 7
    • Sonar
    • Digital Performer
  • Supported plug-in formats
    • AAX (64-bit Real-time)
    • AAX-AS (64-bit AudioSuite)
    • RTAS (32-bit Real-time)
    • DPM (32-bit AudioSuite)
    • VST 2
    • VST 3
    • AudioUnit
Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Izotope
Model IZOO8N2B
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