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Hire: Microphones

Over the years, we have been able to add some great microphones to our already impressive rental inventory. In particular, Studiocare is lucky enough to stock several Neumann U47Vs and U67s, all in prime condition, as well as contemporary greats such as the Soundfield ST450 and Neumann KU100.

We are at our happiest when advising on the best mic for the job and can recommend some superb microphone & mic preamp combinations to hire. Feel free to give us a call. To see our full list of microphones available for hire, select the price list tab from the drop-down menu above.

Wireless microphone solutions are also available for hire in large quantities from Studiocare to meet the demands of professional theatre companies through to local school shows. Please select Radio Microphones from the drop-down tab above for further information.

Neumann Soundfield Royer DPA Microphones
 Vintage Neumann Mics


Some of Studiocare's Current Microphone hire stock...

Hire Ambeo for Binaural Neumann KU100 Head

Studiocare is pleased to announce the Neumann KU 100 binaural stereo microphone, now available to hire. The daily hire rate is £150 + VAT and the weekly hire date is £450 + VAT. Further discounts can be negotiated for longer periods of hire. The microphone is available to be collected from our offices in Liverpool or can be couriered anywhere in the UK.

For a short demonstration of the Neumann KU100 please see the YouTube clip below.


Hire Soundfield ST450

The portable, battery-powered ST450 microphone system is aimed at location recording film and TV sound specialists everywhere, and builds on the success of SoundField's previous ST250 and ST350 portable microphone systems. In line with SoundField tradition, the design of the ST450 has benefited from a great deal of practical feedback gleaned from users of both previous models.

The electronics in the ST450 have been completely redesigned, taking advantage of new, improved components, resulting in a superior noise performance. Also incorporated is a new approach to converting the information captured by its four-capsule array resulting in more accurate stereo and surround imaging. All inputs/outputs are located on one side of the control unit for easy access and connectivity to portable recorders in the field. Best of all for location use, the ruggedly designed ST450 mic weighs just 290 grammes, and may be used at a distance of up to 200 metres from its associated control unit - the weight of the control box is 580 grammes.

Like its predecessors, the new ST450 generates audio in any format including mono, stereo, M/S, 5.1 surround and beyond, without the need for more than one microphone. In addition, it will generate both surround and stereo simultaneously. The microphone's control unit includes a built-in front-panel headphone monitor, bar-graph metering, and the usual fine degree of control offered by SoundField over all microphone parameters.

Hire Royer SF-24

The SF-24 stereo ribbon microphone is a phantom powered version of the popular SF-12 stereo ribbon microphone. It combines the SF-12’s high quality audio performance, outstanding stereo separation and imaging with Royer’s exclusive active electronics system for ribbon microphones. The SF-24’s output of -38 dB is a full 14 dB more sensitive than the non-powered SF-12, putting its sensitivity on par with that of phantom powered condenser microphones. The unique electronics and custom designed FETs used in the SF-24 allow for ultra-quiet operation, with self-noise of lower than 18 dB.

Hire DPA 4011-TL

The 4011-TL cardioid microphone is a new upgraded version of the classic DPA 4011 renowned in recording studios all over the world as an exceptional mic. State-of-the-art components have been carefully selected to provide optimal neutrality, accuracy and extremely low distortion. The 4011-TL is suitable for close-up work on acoustic guitar, grand piano, overheads, percussion, wind instruments and vocals. It can handle incredibly high sound levels and even includes a 20 dB pad switch to attenuate the output of the microphone.

Hire Sennheiser MKH800

The MKH 800 condenser microphone is the first microphone to fully utilise the wider frequency response and dynamic range of the new high bit-rate standard of advanced digital recording systems (for example SACD). Featuring five switchable pick-up patterns, the MKH 800 is a superior microphone for any recording application, offering high clarity and the absolute minimum colouration.

Hire Neumann KMS 105

The KMS 105 has been developed to permit optimal transmission of the human voice, and is the microphone of choice for demanding live applications. Already an internationally recognized standard in the field of high-quality stage microphones, the KMS 105’s high acoustic resolution and smooth frequency response ensures that the musician has optimal control of the stage performance at all times.