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  1. SE Electronics Reflection Filter Music Stand

    SE Electronics Reflection Filter Music Stand - RF-MS

    The SE Electronics Reflection Filter Music Stand is designed to clip onto the Reflection filter to aid musicians by allowing them to clip lyrics or music notation to their filter. The sE Reflexion Filter Music Stand clamps easily onto the top of t...
    £34.80 (inc. vat)
    £29.00 (ex. vat)

  2. K&M 23200

    K&M 23200 Table Stand Cast-Iron Base - Black

    The K&M 23200B table-top microphone stand features a round cast iron base which weighs 3 lbs (1.4 kg) and measures 7" in height. Is ideal for Kick drum microphones and table top mic applications and anywhere that a solid base is required ...
    £18.36 (inc. vat)
    £15.30 (ex. vat)

  3. K&M 21231

    K&M 21231 Heavy Duty Tele Boom Arm - Black (For 20811 & 21411 Stand)

    The K&M 21231 Boom Arm For Overhead Mic Stand. Telescopic boom arm with 3/8 inch thread and adjustable counterweight, ideal for use with the K&M model 20811 and 21411 overhead microphone stand. It is a tough, heavy-duty telescopic boom arm and an ess...
    £75.00 (inc. vat)
    £62.50 (ex. vat)

  4. Portabrace AR-ZH6 (Recorder not included)

    Portabrace AR-ZH6 - Zoom H6 Audio Recorder Case

    The Portabrace AR-ZH6 is a custom-fit carrying case for the Zoom H6 recorder. The main part of the case is constructed using durable, balistic-grade Cordura nylon. Clear vinyl windows allow viewing of controls while protecting the Zoom recorder from ...
    £102.00 (inc. vat)
    £85.00 (ex. vat)

  5. K&M 21080 - Tele Boom Stand - Black (Same as Beyer GST500)

    K&M 21080 - Tele Boom Stand - Black (Same as Beyer GST500)

    The K&M 21080 is a sturdy microhpone stand with an extendable boom arm. Same as the industry standard Beyer GST 500 Microphone Stand....
    £41.04 (inc. vat)
    £34.20 (ex. vat)

  6. K&M 12140

    K&M 12140 Universal Table-Top Stand

    The K&M 12140 Universal Table-Top Stand is a foldable 3 legged table-top tripod for laptops and multimedia equipment, also suitable for manuscripts, lecture notes, sheet music, etc. The continuous-tilt mounting plate is simply attached with a prismat...
    £37.56 (inc. vat)
    £31.30 (ex. vat)

  7. Gator GRB-4U - 4U Rack Bag

    Gator GRB-4U - 4U Rack Bag

    The Gator GRB-4U is a rack bag that is capable of holding hardware that is up to 4U in size. The GRB-4U has rack strips on the front only and is great for carrying your equpment around thanks to its comfortable adjustable strap....
    £79.00 (inc. vat)
    £65.83 (ex. vat)

  8. K&M 25910

    K&M 25910 Extra Low level boom stand

    The K&M 259/1 (Black) short tripod microphone stand and boom is designed for placement at drums, bass & guitar cabinets, percussion or stage capturing. The stand features a fixed boom length of 20.7" and fixed height of 11". ...
    £34.20 (inc. vat)
    £28.50 (ex. vat)

  9. Gator GR-2L 2


    The Gator GR-2L is a 2U rack case moulded out of Polyethylene that allows you to rack your essential gear in for safe and easy transportation. Leveraging the company’s expertise in case design and manufacturing, Gator has grown a complete OEM divis...
    £109.00 (inc. vat)
    £90.83 (ex. vat)

  10. K&M 20811

    K&M 20811 Cathedral Microphone Stand

    The K&M 20811 is a black overhead microphone stand in a two-piece folding design that extends to over 4 m and as such is very suitable for organ and choir recordings....
    £142.80 (inc. vat)
    £119.00 (ex. vat)

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