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Focusrite ISA828 - 8 Channel Mic Pre (b stock)

Focusrite ISA828 - 8 Channel Mic Pre (b stock)

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Brand: Focusrite

The eight ISA-series transformer-based microphone pre amps, with switchable impedance and direct instrument inputs, are complemented by eight line inputs, eight line outputs and an optional eight channel 192kHz ADC. Thanks to its convenient 25 pin D-Type connectors, the ISA828 integrates quickly and seamlessly with ProTools HD, as well as other popular hard disc recorders and mixing desks.
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Focusrite ISA828 - 8 Channel Mic Pre (b stock)

The Focusrite ISA828 MKii has eight of focusrite's renowned transformer-based microphone pre-amplifiers that were originally used on the ISA110 module which was the cornerstone pre-amplifier of Focusrite's legendary Forte console. The ISA828 MKii has four instrument inputs located on the front panel which are easily accessible without the need for a separate DI box.

Each channel has a dedicated insert point that can be used for further processing between the preamp and conversion. It also features a six segment LED meter with a quick esponse to catch fast transients. The Focusrite ISA828 MKii is the perfect front end for any recording.

Focusrite ISA828 Key Features

  • Eight original Focusrite ISA transformer-based pre amps in a single 2U space
  • Works seamlessly with ProTools, as well as other hard disc recorders and mixing consoles
  • Switchable input impedance (four settings per channel) provides a range of response flavors.
  • Eight line inputs with four front panel instrument inputs featuring high impedance options
  • Switchable Insert points on every channel
  • Vintage design highpass filters on every channel eliminate unwanted low frequencies without effecting the rest of the audio signal
  • Six LED Input meters on all eight channels provide clear input metering independent of the DAW
  • Sturdy 2U chassis
Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Focusrite
Model ISA828
GTIN 0815301005087
Single or Pair N/A