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Earthworks KickPad - Mic Level Kickdrum Proccessor

Earthworks KickPad - Mic Level Kickdrum Proccessor

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Brand: Earthworks

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With the KickPad no EQ is required and you get a perfect kick drum sound right at source. Developed by the engineers at Earthworks with exclusive technology that provides defined attack as well as deep sub.
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Earthworks KickPad - Mic Level Kick Drum Proccessor

The Earthworks KickPad allows you to easily connect almost any mic and put it in front of the kick and get great sound! The KickPad works with both dynamic and condenser mics and allows you to continue using them on any other application when you need them. Installing the KickPad is easy. Just plug one end into your mic's XLR output and connect the other to the mic cable - that's all! The KickPad doesn't need any settings, adjustment or power connection. It automatically goes to work, turning your mic into a kick-optimized performer.

Earthworks is renowned for their premium-grade condenser microphone designs. They're used for critical recording and reference work in studios and concert halls around the world. When designing the KickPad, Earthworks engineers turned their precision-tuned ears to all the qualities demanded in kick drum reproduction. The exclusive patent-pending technology in the KickPad gives you optimized low-frequency response, clearly defined beater attack and tonally shaped output. With the KickPad all you need to do is plug it into your kick drum line and you'll instantly hear improved sound.

Earthworks KickPad Features

  • In-line XLR kick drum mic optimization system
  • Delivers great kick sound and solves mix problems
  • Works on almost any mic - condenser, dynamic and ribbon
  • Easily plugs into mic cable
  • Helps you make the most of your mic collection
Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Earthworks
Model Earthworks KickPad
GTIN 827517100210
Single or Pair No