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Audio Interfaces

Interfaces For Recording

For a full studio recording rig we have multi channel interfaces with mic preamps built in, just plug and play over USB, Firewire or Thunderbolt.

In larger studios typically you might just want line level analogue connections with your money going more towards AD/DA conversion than mic pres. We have units from Antelope, Burl, Universal Audio and others that will do just the job.

We have a wide selection of Avid interfaces too, if you're running Pro Tools or would like to.

Pro Tools Interface Hire

If you need to increase the channel count for a session or are working on location we offer a variety of different configurations for a Pro Tools rig.

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  1. Avid Digidesign HD I/O 8x8x8

    Avid - HD I/O 8x8x8

    Avid Pro Tools HD I/O 8x8x8 is a Pro Tools HD series audio interface featuring 8 channels of analog I/O, 8+2 channels of ADAT I/O, 8+2 channels of AES/EBU I/O, 8 Channels of TDIF I/O, Word Clock, SPDIF....
    £3,478.80 (inc. vat)
    £2,899.00 (ex. vat)

  2. RME Fireface UC - 36 Channel Hi-Performance Audio I/O. 9 1/2", 1U

    RME Fireface UC - 36 Channel Hi-Performance Audio I/O. 9 1/2", 1U

    The RME Fireface UC is a compact USB 2.0 audio interface with 18 inputs and 18 outputs. It has been uncompromisingly optimized for highest performance under Windows and Mac OS....
    £869.00 (inc. vat)
    £724.17 (ex. vat)


    RME HDSPe MADI FX 24 Bit / 192 kHz, 6 x 64-Channel PCI Express Card

    The RME HDSPe MADI FX is a PCI Express Card audio interface featuring a total of 390 channels of I/O. The HDSPe MADI FX feaures three MADI I/Os, ultra-low latencies down to 32 samples, wordclock I/O and an integrated 192kHz DSP effects engine....
    £1,378.98 (inc. vat)
    £1,149.15 (ex. vat)

  4. Antelope Audio Goliath HD

    Antelope Audio Goliath HD

    The Antelope Audio Goliath HD is a professional 64 channel interface that is Pro Tools HD and Native ready. The Goliath now features HDX, USB 3.0 connectivity, 16 acoustic mic preamps with individual volume controls and 32 analog in so you can rec...

    £6,249.60 (inc. vat)
    £5,208.00 (ex. vat)

  5. Alto Live 1202 - 12 Channel, 2 Bus Mixer

    Alto Live 1202 - 12 Channel, 2 Bus Mixer

    The Alto Live 1202 mixer is an analogue mixer with 12 channels, 2 buses in a low profile-designs. The Live 1202 features DNA pre-amps, extensive EQ, built in compression, Alesis DSP effects, and USB audio/connectivity. ...
    £213.32 (inc. vat)
    £177.77 (ex. vat)

  6. M-Audio USB Uno

    M-Audio USB Uno - USB MIDI Interface

    Th M-audio Uno is M-Audio's smallest USB MIDI interface. This interface offers a basic 1 x 1 operation and bus powered mobility. With it's built in USB and midi cables you can take this little interface with you wherever you go....
    £24.00 (inc. vat)
    £20.00 (ex. vat)

  7. RME MADIface USB

    RME MADIface USB - USB 2.0 128-Channel MADI Interface 24bit 192kHz

    The RME MADIface USB is a compact device that provides MADI I/O via USB 2.0 while supporting the format's full 64 channels. Its sturdy and bus-powered design makes it as easy to use as reliable in operation....
    £779.00 (inc. vat)
    £649.17 (ex. vat)

  8. RME Fireface UCX - Hybrid FireWire & USB Audio Interface

    RME Fireface UCX - Hybrid FireWire & USB Audio Interface

    The RME Fireface UCX is a compact 36-channel, 192kHz USB and Firewire hybrid audio interface, incorporating Hammerfall X-Core technology, high-end converters and TotalMix FX effects engine. Featuring 18 ins and outs in total, 8 analogue i/o, 2 digit...
    £1,049.00 (inc. vat)
    £874.17 (ex. vat)

  9. Universal Audio Apollo Twin MKII w/DUO DSP Processing (Mac) Thunderbolt Audio Interface Front Angle

    Universal Audio Apollo Twin MKII DUO

    Universal Audio Apollo Twin MkII Duo is a ground-up redesign of the world’s most popular professional desktop recording interface — delivering enhanced audio conversion with the tone, feel, and flow of analog recording. This 2x6 Thunderbolt audio...
    £715.00 (inc. vat)
    £595.83 (ex. vat)

  10. RME Fireface 802

    RME Fireface 802 - 60-Channel USB & Firewire Audio Interface, 24 Bit / 192 kHz

    The RME Fireface 802 is a FireWire 400 and USB 2.0 audio interface offering up to 60 channels of I/O. Featuring 12 channels of analogue I/O including 4 top class mic pres with reference class converters, two banks of ADAT and a cohesive effects secti...
    £1,311.00 (inc. vat)
    £1,092.50 (ex. vat)

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