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Bock Audio iFet

Bock Audio iFet

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Brand: Bock Audio

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The Bock Audio iFet is a condenser microphone capable of handling high SPL sources and delivering the sound of the classic Fet 47. The Bock iFet features a K47 type capsule and a Bock designed large core output transformer.
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Bock Audio iFet

Get the classic Fet 47 sound with the Bock Audio iFet. The bock iFet is a large diaphragm condenser microphone featuring a K47 type capsule an a large core output transformer designed by Bock themselves. Thanks to two sets of FET electronics, the iFet is a versatile microphone with 2 selectable modes that provide different sounds and SPL handling.

The Bock iFet comes in a wooden box and includes a stand mount.

Bock iFet I & V Modes

The "I" mode can handle high SPL levels and is great for use on kick drum, snare, toms, bass amp and loud vocalists. This mode employs a classic high SPL Class A discrete electronic package (one FET and four transistors) with HF and LF extension.

The "V" mode is a Class A adaption of a km84 circuit offering a simpler single path (one FET) with 4dB more sensitivity for a warmer more intimate vocal sound. In V mode, the iFet is a great sounding vocal microphone. 

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Bock Audio
Model BOCKIFet
Single or Pair N/A