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UAD Apollo Expanded Unveiled at NAMM 2015

Universal Audio have unveiled Apollo Expanded at NAMM 2015 which allows users of Thunderbolt-equipped Apollo Twin, Apollo Duo, Apollo Quad and Apollo 16 audio interfaces to mix and match up to 4 devices and six total UAD-2 devices enabling users to add I/O and DSP power as their studio grows.

UAD Apollo Expanded

Apollo expanded allows users to cascade units with a simple thunderbolt cable so no other hardware is necessary to use Apollo expanded.

In addition to Expanded Universal Audio have released a brand new re-imaging of Apollo’s console software with Console 2.0.

Console 2.0

Apollo Console 2.0 features

  • New high-resolution / Retina-compatible 64-bit software interface for Apollo Thunderbolt systems
  • Channel Strip presets let you see your signal chain in one window — save and recall your favourite UAD plug-ins
  • Monitoring improvements including ALT Monitors, Control Room, and CUE/HP management
  • Over 25 user-requested features, including:
    • Plug-in categories and individual Show/Hide
    • Drag & Drop plug-ins for quick assignment
    • New plug-in preset auditioning
    • Per-channel Rec/Mon effects switches
    • Multi-level Undo and Redo
    • Dynamically resizable, independent windows
    • Show/Hide channel strips, devices, and more

Last but not least Universal Audio have released a new range of plug-ins that are focused on the realtime processing capability of the Apollo interfaces. The new range includes Sound Machine Wood Works which allows your acoustic guitars pickup to sound like a miked acoustic guitar by re-voicing the guitars resonance and acoustic properties in real time.


Distortion Essentials Bundle featuring Ibanez Tube Screamer TS808, Raw Distortion based on vintage Pro Co Rat and Bermuda Triangle based on vintage Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi.


Antares Auto-Tune Live giving realtime pitch correction and manipulation with iconic Auto-Tune effect and incredibly low latency for both onstage and studio use.


Friedman Amplifiers Plug-in Collection featuring two of Friedmans high-powered boutique amplifiers the DS40 and BE100. The Friedman Collection also includes the excellent Brainworx bx-tuner.

Universal Audio Apollo Expanded will be released March 2015 and is free to all Apollo owners.