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Solid State Logic Release the SSL XL-Desk with Integrated 500-Series Rack

Solid State Logic have released their new console - the SSL XL-Desk - an analogue desk designed with both recording and mixing engineers in mind who work within a Digital Audio Workstation centric studio environment.


The first eight channels of the XL-Desk employ SSL's Variable Harmonic Driver (VHD) preamps which let the user dial in either second or third-order harmonic content to emulate transistor or valve distortion. The next eight channels provide line-level input and all 16 channels have a 500-series slot that can be easily switched into the signal path. The ability to so easily patch in 500-Series modules lets you customise the XL-Desk’s sound and workflow to your personal preferences.

In the 17th and 18th slot of the 500-Series rack comes hard-wired with a SSL Stereo Buss Compressor which is one of the most popular mix buss compressors in the world and known for it’s "Glue" qualities that tie all the elements of your mix together.

SSL XL-Desk Integrated Buss Compressor

The Solid State Logic XL-Desk is a modern twist on the classic analogue studio console and can produce truly stunning results, although it doesn’t have any of the DAW control functions or automation that is often found in other SSL mixers, this is helps keeps the cost down.

The empty rack variant of the SSL XL-Desk is available from our website now. The unloaded variation of the SSL XL-Desk comes hard-wired with an SSL Stereo Buss Compressor in slots 17 and 18.