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Sennheiser AMBEO VR Virtual Reality 3D Microphone

Introducing the new standard in 3D audio acquisition! The Sennheiser AMBEO VR is an ambisonic microphone fitted with four matched KE 14 capsules in a tetrahedral arrangement that records sound smoothly and captures the experience and spirit of any location enabling the listener to be immersed as if they are there.

Sennheiser AMBEO VR Virtual Reality 3D Microphone

With Virtual Reality and immersive audio becoming ever increasingly popular, AMBEO’s pioneering audio technology is designed by complex engineering and will be a staple tool in any live action Virtual Reality production making the audio virtual. AMBEO’s unique design allows you to record the sound that surrounds you from a single point.

Working with ambisonics - a full-sphere surround sound technique: in addition to the horizontal plane, it covers sound sources above and below the listener using a binaurally recording, arranged with the intent to create a 3-D stereo sound sensation for the listener of actually being in the room with the performers or instruments. Ambisonics is also supported by all of the major post-production and playback tools on the market today, making it the appropriate tool for Virtual Reality and all other applications involving 3D sound and interactively controlled audio.

Sennheiser’s recent focus has been on 3D immersive audio, Sennheiser CEOs Daniel Sennheiser and Dr. Andreas Sennheiser explain, “3D audio is the new frontier of excellence, set to transform the listening experience for users across a broad range of applications, from virtual reality gaming to audio recording and broadcasting. We have been active in this area for some time with 9.1 mixing and recording and the audio design for high-profile exhibitions. We are now increasing our efforts considerably to introduce this amazing sound quality into new products and applications, enabling users to experience and shape the future of audio.”

Simon Franglin, who has worked on movies such as Titanic, Avatar and James Bond Spectre 3D has increasingly used immersive audio in his recording, mixing and listening work, saying, “Every time I do an immersive mix, I notice how much more clearly I can hear what’s going on within a track. 3D audio gives a completely new experience to the listener. Not only are they inside the music, but they get the opportunity to really hear the detail and the arrangement that the musicians, arrangers and producers put into the recordings. Even as a professional, I have listened to tracks that I have thought I knew intimately to discover so much more than the stereo or mono mix was able to give me. Once you hear this, music changes forever’.

Looking to the future, AMBEO will also work alongside Virtual Reality Gaming where Sennheiser will provide 3D audio libraries that ensure that the sounds in a given game are easily found and transport the listener to a virtual reality soundscape. In club land, AMBEO will comprise a Venue Modeling software which will allow DJs to experience their sets in advance by reproducing the sound characteristics of the venue in which they will be performing. Unlike other reverb tools and plug-ins, this VST plug-in will let enthusiastic DJs and producers experience their audio tracks as if present in the club/venue they desire for the performance – a breakthrough in virtual room acoustics replication. The audio can be tailored to any desired room atmosphere, and a growing venue database connected to the plug-in will offer DJs an ideal source to prepare for their show. The VST plug-in will become available in 2018.

Here’s some quotes

"I can’t imagine recording without the VR Mic anymore. It sounds so real, you’ve got to hear it to believe it. Sennheiser quality at its best." - Henk van Engelen, Founder / Lead Technician -

"Everything I need in an ambisonic mic; Low self noise, transparent and super stable imaging." - John Hendicott, Co-Founder - Aurelia Soundworks

"The capsules produce a wonderfully open sound, while the mic’s compact shape makes it easy to find coaxial placement with the camera." - Benedict Green, Co-Founder - EccoVR

"The Ambeo VR Mic is an indispensable piece of equipment. I won’t go on any productions without it. It is versatile and gives you the flexibility and ease of use that you need on a VR Shoot." - Henrik Oppermann, Head of Audio - Visualise

"The AMBEO VR Mic is extremely durable and versatile. The form factor and signature Sennheiser quality were just what we needed in a high-pressure filming situation." - Mike Ritchie, VR Production Sound Mixer and Re-recording Mixer - Headspace Studio

"With a performance that matches its rock solid build quality, the VR mic is a great asset for every VR toolbox." - Eric Thorsell, Sr. VR Sound Designer - Media Monks

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Watch DJ/producer Martin Solveig talk about the AMBEO VR in this youtube video