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QSC Announce K.2 Series Loudspeakers

QSC have introduced their latest powered loudspeaker series and it is anticipated to be the company’s next best selling powered loudspeakers in the K Family line. The all new K.2 speaker series consists of the 8-inch K8.2, 10-inch K10.2 and 12-inch K12.2 of which all are full-range loudspeakers. This new range features noteworthy upgrades that are establishing a new standard for powered loudspeaker technology.

Each loudspeaker in the K.2 series has a 2000-watt class-D module that is matched to high-performance woofer and compression drivers. The MK1 K series had 1000-watts of power which was split with 500-watts to the LF driver and the other 500-watts were limited and supplying the tweeter. The K2 series now has 1800-watts powering the LF driver and 225-watts for the new tweeter – this means more power more efficiently used.

Directivity-Matched Transition provides smooth coverage across the whole frequency range of the speakers, and the built in DSP supplies Intrinsic Correction for tuning and loudspeaker management for a more optimised performance.

The built in multi-functional digital display allows you to select functions like delay, crossover, EQ and includes factory presets list of EQ contours including dance, live, monitor. All three of the K.2 models can be operated from the LCD screen and control panel.

Each loudspeaker is very versatile and can be operated as a main speaker or floor monitor with the flexibility to be truss-mounted, placed on a speaker pole, straight facing or tilted using the new dual pole cup allowing you to utilise the K.2 series in every venue layout. Previously, the K8 could only be used in an upright position as a main PA speaker, but the new K8.2 can now be used in a floor monitor position making for an extremely compact and portable option.

The rugged ABS enclosure assures that all the K.2 loudspeakers are built to withstand all live situations, giving them long life and lasting durability. QSC reassure you of the loudspeakers' durability with a global six year warranty on all the K.2 series. The Sr. Director of Marketing for QSC says “This next-generation product raises the bar yet again for the category and will most certainly further reinforce the reputation of the K Family brand for many years to come.”

The K.2 series cover an impressive frequency range, ranging from approximately 50Hz to 20kHz, but add the new KS212C cardioid subwoofer to the system for even more clarity and punch in the low end. This cardioid subwoofer is a breakthrough in innovation and design and is unmatched in its capability to manage low frequencies in a live environment. A 3,600 Watt amplifier is controlled by the system’s DSP and able produce a staggering 15 dB more output at the front of the cabinet than at the rear.

The new K.2 series loudspeakers are available to pre-order now on our website. They are due for release in May 2017. View the new K.2 series on our web store: