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Pro Tools HDX & Magma Expansion Chassis Compatibility Update

Avid is pleased to announce compatibility between Pro Tools HDX and the ExpressBox 3T and ExpressBox 7 expansion chassis from Magma on Macintosh.

Pro Tools HD v10.3.3 or higher software is required. Magma Expressbox 3 With the Magma ExpressBox 3T (EB3T) chassis, up to 3 HDX cards are supported with various Thunderbolt-equipped Apple MacBook Pro models.* Magma Expressbox 7 With the Magma ExpressBox 7 (EB7) chassis, up to 3 HDX cards are supported with several Apple Mac Pro models. Please see the Avid Support page for specific details on supported CPU’s and recommended slot order. View the Magma ExpressBox 3T HERE. View the Magma ExpressBox 7 HERE. *Some models of the EB3T may require a fan upgrade from Magma in order to provide adequate cooling for the HDX cards and to meet Avid and Magma’s compatibility requirements. Please visit for more information about fan requirements for the EB3T.