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Pro Tools 12.1 Released

Avid Pro Tools 12.1

Avid Pro Tools 12 was released 3 months ago, and this week the first software update was released taking the industry standard DAW software to version 12.1. This new release will be welcomed by HD and non-HD users with new features for both as well as improved stability.

More Tracks

Non-HD users now can now run 128 simultaneous audio tracks (@ 48kHz) and 512 instrument tracks. This is up from 96 audio tracks and 128 instrument tracks. Non-HD users now also have Input Monitoring which was previously an HD only function.

Avid Pro Tools 12.1


Avid HEAT, a Pro Tools specific plug-in which adds the warmth and sonic character of analogue can now be used with Pro Tools HD software natively. Previously HEAT has only been available when using HD or HDX cards, but as of PT 12.1 HEAT can be used natively thanks to it being made available as an AAX-Native plug-in.

HEAT can still only be used with Pro Tools HD software though so you will need an HD license to use it. Great if you are using HD Native hardware or working on another machine and need this powerful plug-in.

Stability Improvements

Pro Tools 12.1 includes updates for AudioSuite, Bounce, Delay Compensation, Editing, Audio and Video Engines, I/O Setup, MIDI, and Satellite workflows to further improve stability.

Coming Soon

Pro Tools | Control

A free Pro Tools Control iOS app has been announced providing wireless control for Pro Tools and other EUCON-enabled audio and video software. Because Pro Tools integrates tightly with the app, Avid say you can record and mix faster and easier than working with a mouse and keyboard alone!

Pro Tools Control

Avid Cloud Collaboration

In the words of Avid “Imagine being able to work on a session with friends, bandmates, colleagues, or even your favourite artist, producer, editor, or voice actor—no matter where they are, anywhere in the world. That’s what’s coming with Avid Cloud Collaboration for Pro Tools, a groundbreaking new set of features that will enable you to compose, record, edit, and mix sessions collaboratively with other Pro Tools users as if you’re all working together in the same studio. Simply invite any of your available connections to collaborate using built-in chat, or find new collaborators through the online Artist Community, part of the Avid Marketplace.”