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Pioneer DJ Release 3 New Products: DJM-900SRT, DDJ-SR & DDJ-SP1

Pioneer have released 3 new products all supporting Serato DJ integration. The new products include the DJM-900SRT Pro DJ mixer with built-in serato interface, the DDJ-SR DJ controller & the DDJ-SP1 add-on DJ controller. These new products build on Pioneer's professional range of DJ equipment that includes CDJ players, mixers, controllers, and headphones. View the whole Pioneer range on our webstore.

Pioneer DJM-900SRT Pro DJ Mixer with Built-In Serato Interface

The Pioneer DJM-900SRT is a pofessional 4-channel DJ mixer featuring a built-in Serato sound card for plug-and-play connectivity with Serato DJ. The included CONTROL DISC for CD or VINYL enables mixing and scratching with up to four CDJs or turntables without the need for external hardware.
Pioneer DJM-900SRT

Pioneer DDJ-SR DJ Controller

The Pioneer DDJ-SR is a DJ Controller designed for intuitive control of Serato DJ's popular features. The control parts of the DDJ-SR feature knobs and buttons in a layout for easy use with the diverse functions of "Serato DJ" for intuitive and dynamic DJ performances, such as large rubber pads for musical arrangements with dynamic actions, as well as "BIG JOG" enabling scratch performances exactly as the DJ has in mind. All of the buttons and knobs on the DDJ-SR are configured to operate with the "DJ Serato" software, so you can enjoy DJ play straight away simply by plugging the device into a PC.
Pioneer DDJ-SR

Pioneer DDJ-SP1 DJ Controller

The Pioneer DDJ-SP1 is an add-on DJ controller designed for limitless access to Serato DJ. The DDJ-SP1 is equipped with pads, faders, dial and buttons specifically designed for controlling all Serato DJ’s features. The DDJ-SP1 inherits the familiar layout from Pioneer’s popular controller range, with a few updates to make the DJing experience even more enjoyable.
Pioneer DDJ-SP1