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Now Available: MassivePack™ 8 and MassivePack Pro™ 8

Now Available: MassivePack 8 and MassivePack Pro 8 Digidesign's Massive is back These special plug-in bundles will be available for a limited time from July 21st, 2009 through December 22nd, 2009 Details Designed exclusively for Pro Tools|HD®*, the new MassivePack™ 8 features a revered set of plug-ins used by leading studios and pros to create mixes for albums, TV, and film. The bundle includes 11 of the top Pro Tools® Development Partners™ plug-ins, plus your choice of 12 more from Digidesign®. All of this is available at extraordinary savings of around £6,700 off retail (when purchased separately). Need more processing power? MassivePack Pro™ 8 provides even greater value, offering a performance-boosting PCIe HD Accel card (worth £3,390 just on its own!) and the same set of MassivePack 8 plug-ins at savings of around £8,500 off retail (when purchased separately). The Plug-in List MassivePack 8 and MassivePack Pro 8 come with these 11 plug-ins: • Abbey Road/Chandler Limited TG Mastering Pack — Emulates EMI TG12410 console EQ and filter • Brainworx bx_boom! — Enhances kick drum sounds through attenuation and boost • Brainworx bx_control — Offers quality listening controls, with M/S matrix and stereo width control • Brainworx bx_hybrid — Provides world-class mixing and mastering EQ • McDSP FutzBox — Offers a collection of creative EQ, distortion, and filter effects • Softube FET Compressor — Emulates the most famous solid-state compressor • Sonnox Inflator — Produces louder mixes with warmth and character • SPL EQ Rangers Vol. 1 — Provides three distinct EQ plug-ins for complete sonic control • SPL Transient Designer — Versatile mixing tool shapes dynamic response • TC Electronic VSS3 Stereo Source Reverb — Ported from the legendary System 6000 • URS N4 Series — 6-band parametric EQ re-creates that vintage British sound Plus, choose 12 more from these Digidesign plug-ins: • Classic Compressors Bundle — Offers emulations of five renown compressors/limiters • Cosmonaut Voice™ — Unique vocal processor creates special effects • DINR™ — Digidesign Intelligent Noise Reduction helps silence noise • Eleven™ — Produces hyper-realistic tones of the world’s most coveted vintage guitar amps • Impact® — Provides console-style mix bus compression • JOEMEEK Bundle — Includes emulations of the VC5 Meequalizer and SC2 Compressor • Moogerfooger® Bundle — Four audio effects and vintage synths re-create the Moog sound • Pultec Bundle — Includes emulations of three Pultec analog EQs • Reel Tape™ Suite — Offers a set of three analog tape emulation and effects plug-ins • Slightly Rude Compressor™ — Custom compressor helps un-digitize sounds • TL Drum Rehab™ — Drum sound replacement and enhancement tool optimizes drum tracks • TL EveryPhase™ — Produces classic analog phaser sounds and effects • TL Space™ TDM — Delivers the ultimate convolution reverb for music and post • Tel-Ray® Variable Delay — Provides unique, space-age echo and delay effects • Voce® Bundle — Includes effects emulations of the rotating speaker and B-3 organ vibrato • X-Form® — Natural-sounding time- and pitch-stretching tool In addition, MassivePack Pro 8 includes: • HD Accel card for PCIe — DSP accelerator card provides more power for Pro Tools|HD Fulfillment Details MassivePack 8 and MassivePack Pro 8 are available as special order items. Customers must have a registered Pro Tools|HD system or purchase a new one to purchase either Massive Pack 8 bundle. Only one bundle may be ordered per registered Pro Tools|HD system.