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New Yamaha HS Series Monitors

Yamaha introduces the second-generation HS Series studio monitor and subwoofer series. This new, extended line features 3 studio monitors featuring 5", 6.5" and 8" cones and all with 1" dome tweeters. The new series is finished off with the HS8S, an 8" 150W subwoofer.

Yamaha HS8Improving on the success of the original HS line launched in 2006, the completely redesigned HS series feature new transducers that achieve smooth response over a wide bandwidth and ensure the accuracy of signal reproduction throughout the audio spectrum. By upgrading to a 1" tweeter (from the previous ¾" models) the new monitor series provides an extended frequency range and deliver superb high-resolution sound. Yamaha engineers have optimized the HS powered monitor and subwoofer monitor system for a variety of music production environments.

The HS5 (5" cone and 1" dome tweeter), HS7 (6.5" cone and 1" dome tweeter) and HS8 (8" cone and 1" dome tweeter) are housed in bass reflex-type cabinets and reproduce tight low-end and smooth, high frequency response. Two inputs, a balanced XLR and a ¼" phone jack, can accommodate a wide range of balanced and unbalanced sources, including mixers, keyboards and audio interfaces.

Yamaha HS8SThe ultra-responsive HS8S (8" cone) powered subwoofer employs large, carefully selected magnets to produce low distortion sound with a well-defined bottom end at all output levels. Two balanced XLR and two balanced ¼" phone jacks are provided for advanced connectivity and customization. All of the woofer’s components, including the woofer ring and basket, further contribute to the stunning bass and clear, accurate mids.

Additionally, the new HS Series cabinets offer low resonance enclosure designs constructed from a dense, resilient MDF for a damped acoustic response that is perfectly suited for reference monitors. Each monitor and subwoofer is also equipped with a unique high performance amp unit, perfectly paired with each transducer. The coupled amp unit ensures that each HS Series speaker delivers high-resolution sound with exceptionally flat response across the spectrum.

The new Yamaha HS Series monitors will be available from June 2013. Pre order them on our web store now: Yamaha HS5 Yamaha HS7 Yamaha HS8 Yamaha HS8S