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NEW PRODUCTS: Millennia HV-32P & HV-35P Portable Preamps

Millennia Media have released two great new portable preamps, the Millennia HV-32P is a two channel mic pre whilst the HV-35P is a single channel instrument/mic pre. Both boxes feature the acclaimed HV-3 circuit and can run on either 12V DC power supply or by battery pack.

Millennia HV-32P

Millennia HV-32P

The Millennia HV-32P feature two HV-3 microphone preamps. Each channel offers a generous 60dB of continuously variable gain, with a further 10dB with the 'Ribbon' button engaged, a -14dB pad is provided for louder source material, and phantom power is individually available.

A truly portable solution, the HV-32P weighs in at just 2 lbs and has a surprisingly small footprint (5.67" W x 1.69” H x 8.19”).

The revered HV-3D mic pre amp is a neutral and transparent preamp with excellent transient response.

View the Millennia HV-32P in our web store.

Millennia HV-35P

Millennia HV-35P

The Millennia HV-35P features a single channel of preamplification to the same spec as the HV-32P, but adds a Hi-Z instrument on the front of the unit and a couple of extra useful buttons. The first button engages the instrument input and the second provides a handy ploarity flip, the third extra button is for a 80Hz roll off filter.

The HV-35P is the same size and weight as the HV-32P.

View the Millennia HV-35P in our web store.

These new model bring the revered HV-3 mic preamp technology to the sub £1,000 price point. These units are perfect for the studio and on the move in location situations.