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NEW PRODUCT: AMS Neve 1073DPX Digital Option Card

The award winning Neve 1073DPX dual mono mic preamp & EQ unit adds warmth and depth to recordings, brings out subtle ambience, maintains spatial positioning and captures a more precise image.

Neve 1073DPX Digital Option

The new 1073DPX Digital I/O Option makes it even easier to record that genuine Neve sound using your preferred Digital Audio Workstation platform.  Using the highest quality analogue to digital adaptation design with AES and FireWire interfaces, it allows a simple and exquisite connection from the 1073DPX direct to your DAW computer or DAW I/O interface. Single, double and quad rate sampling is available in addition to the daisy-chaining of various units on a single FireWire bus.  Multiple 1073DPX with digital I/O units can be combined together and to other adaptable digital units using numerous sync options.  With 2 channels of line level audio outputs, it is also possible to set up the 1073DPX with digital I/O as a supreme-quality 2-channel monitor.

Neve 1073DPX Digital Option


  • AES3 and FireWire I/O interfaces – easy connection directly to DAW computer or DAW interface
  • 44.1kHz-192kHz sample rate – select your preferred sample rate using the selection buttons
  • 2 FireWire ports – Daisy-chain up to 4x 1073DPX units fitted with digital I/O together on the same FireWire bus
  • 2 analogue line level outputs – can be used for monitoring two DAW tracks through the 1073DPX
  • Wordclock in/out connections – allows perfect synchronization between the 1073DPX and other digitally connected devices
  • Multiple Sync modes – Sync to Wordclock/AES/ FireWire or Internal sync sources
  • 1073DPX digital I/O can be easily retro-fitted to existing analogue 1073DPX units