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Mic of the Month - Neumann TLM67

Mic of the Month - Neumann TLM67

The Neumann TLM67 was released to mark the 80th anniversary of the Neumann company in 2008. The housing is the same size and shape as the U87, but the TLM67 is based on the legendary U67 and is a coming together of old and new technologies.

The TLM67 incorporates the K67 capsule which is the same one found in the U67, and although the microphone is tubeless, a special new design circuit reproduces the tube distortion sound characteristics of the classic U67. This circuit technology is featured in other successful Neumann microphones including the TLM49.

On-mic controls include a 3-way response selector for omnidirectional, cardioid and figue-8 polar patterns, a high-pass filter and a 10dB pad. These controls make for an extremely versatile microphone.

Neumann TLM67


The TLM67 excels as a vocal microphone, whether that be a lead vocal, background vocals, broadcasting or voiceovers. For instruments, the details the TLM67 will capture make it perfect for overheads and piano, as well as orchestral recordings as both a main and spot microphone.

You will notice the colour of the microphone is not one of Neumann's standard nickel, black or nextel finishes, instead the main body has a pearl grey finish that contrasts against the nickel top and bottom. The other noticeable difference is the emblem on the front of the microphone. This emblem is there to honour Georg Neumann, the founder of the Neumann company on its 80th anniversary.

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The TLM67 comes in a protective wooden box and currently includes the EA87 shockmount for free (EA87 RRP £286.80 inc. vat)

Neumann TLM67 with EA87 Shockmount