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Mic of the Month - Bock Audio iFet

Mic of the Month - Bock Audio iFet

This month we take a look at the impressive Bock Audio iFet, a condenser microphone inspired by the classic FET47 but with a modern twist that makes it an incredibly versatile microphone.

The exterior design of the iFet is reminiscent of the Neumann U47FET with an integrated mounting arm and brushed aluminium finish, although the on-mic controls differ as there are no pad or bass roll-off switches. The front of the mic has a toggle switch with the letters ‘I’ and ‘V’ on each side, these relate to two sets of electronics within the mic which provide different voicing and sensitivity for different applications.

A large diaphragm K47 type capsule and a Bock design large core output transformer are shared by these two set of electronics. These two modes combined with quality parts make the iFet flexible, whilst delivering sonic excellence.

Bock Audio iFet

I Mode

The ‘I’ stands for instrument, and this Class-A, high SPL mode runs through one FET (Field-effect transistor) and four transistors. This mode aims to capture the same dynamic characteristics of classic high SPL FET mics, but with extended high and low frequency response that was not possible in old vintage designs.

In this mode, the iFet is suited to close-up use on high SPL sources including kicks, snares, toms, amps and very loud vocalists.

V Mode

The ‘V’ stands for voice and the electronics on this mode features a simpler path through just one FET in a Class-A adaptation of a KM84 circuit. This mode is 4dB hotter than the instrument mode and can offer a warmer, more intimate vocal sound without being overly bright.

This mode makes for a stunning vocal microphone for both female and male performers and will also work wonders on other lower SPL sources including acoustic guitar.

Two Microphones in One

If you are looking for a versatile, high-end FET47 style microphone, the iFet could be for you. Think of it as two microphones in one and it’s an obvious choice...

The iFet comes packaged in a protective wooden box and can be purchased on our web store here.

Bock Audio iFet

David Bock – Vintage Microphone Expert

Bock Audio was founded by David Bock, an expert in vintage microphones who has worked as chief tech at Ocean Way Studios in the 80s and 90s and been involved in microphone manufacturing with Soundelux. The “New Vintage Microphone Production” idea was developed by David and this lead to the production of the Soundelux U95 and then on to other successful microphones including the 251, E47 and E49. In 2007, David left Soundelex to launch Bock Audio who now hand build five models of boutique, super high end microphones including the 241, 251, 507, iFet and the soon to be released 407.