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Introducing the Sennheiser AMBEO Smart Surround 3D Audio Recording Headphones

Sennheiser has presented its AMBEO Smart Surround headphones at CES 2017 in Las Vegas - a pair of binaural audio recording headphones to make 3D audio capture more accessible. The earphones allow you to record on your smartphone and will be the first time Sennheiser has released its AMBEO 3D technology onto the consumer market to let users capture, listen to and create 3D audio.

Sennheiser AMBEO Smart Surround Headphones

Sennheiser’s AMBEO 3D audio technology allows you to record the world around you as you experience it, in full stereo surround sound. Essentially, first and foremost, a pair of regular headphone earplugs, AMBEO’s Smart Surround are also capable of playing back and recording 3D audio by way of two sensitive directional, high-quality in-ear microphones which record 3D audio files in stereo. These files can then be played back on any pair of headphones through an app on a smartphone.

This 3D audio experience provides a more realistic experience than is created with traditionally recorded audio, as Co-CEO Daniel Sennheiser explains, “Today’s consumers are accustomed to capturing incredibly realistic video, producing 4K and 360° videos. Yet as mainstream technology makes immersive visual experiences ever more accessible, the power and emotion of this footage is too often let down by the quality of sound that these devices can capture. AMBEO Smart Surround is an innovative solution that closes this gap.” Fellow Co-CEO Dr. Andreas Sennheiser, continued, “With AMBEO Smart Surround we are taking the next step into the future of audio. We are inviting consumers to experience immersive sound by adding a recording earphone into our AMBEO technology program.”

Sennheiser AMBEO Smart Surround Headphones

Binaural audio delivers an engaging 3D experience for the listener replicating the recording environment. Whether it be a nightclub, a rainforest or a busy city centre, binaural sound makes the listener feel like they are there. AMBEO’s Surround Sound is an easy-to-use product that creates immersive, binaural audio that complements the high-quality video that is available from a wide range of consumer devices.

Daniel Sennheiser explains that the product draws on Sennheiser’s history of innovation and its vision to shape the future of audio: “Perhaps more than any other company, Sennheiser can claim to have started the very first wave of binaural audio in the 1960s, with the creation of the first open headphone model – the HD 414.” Andreas Sennheiser continues, “This same passion for innovation in audio will inspire a new wave of binaural sound for the digital age. We are very excited to see how consumers will embrace the creative possibilities that are opened up by this exciting technology.”

The AMBEO Smart Surround will be available in the second half of 2017.

Sennheiser AMBEO Smart Surround Headphones Remote