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Full Fat Audio Powering The Studiocare Hire Department

Liverpool’s professional audio retailer and hire facility Studiocare have purchased ten Full Fat Audio FFA-6004 DSP AES VCA units for their hire department to be used for a variety of sound reinforcement roles. The onboard DSP with multi channel amplifier was specifically attractive to Studiocare rentals manager Andrew Culshaw due to this versatile combination of technology.

FFA-6004 DSP AES VCAThe DSP hardware has 2 inputs which can accept AES digital or analogue signals. Unusually there are 6 outputs which drive the 4 amplifier channels within the FFA-4004 or FFA-6004 and 2 auxiliary XLR outputs which allows connection to an adjacent stereo bass amplifier or any other amplifier that requires a processed input signal.

The DSP is controlled using an Ethernet connection on the rear of the FFA-4004 or FFA-6004. This connection to a PC or Mac using Cat 5, a switch or wireless router allows the user to control the amplifier using simple to use software. Multiple units can be networked together to build larger systems. The user can design audio systems with a tool box that contains all the filters and features such as parametric EQ, limiter, delay, gain, phase that are expected in a modern loudspeaker management system. A useful compressor limiter on the inputs and outputs is also included.

The DSP amplifier has voltage controlled amplifiers for each output channel which are accessible by a port on the amplifier rear. Each audio output can be remotely volume controlled by a simple wall mounted potentiometer.

The Class D amplifier hardware is based on the proven FFA-4004 and FFA-6004 amplifiers which have power outputs of 4x1000W @ 4Ohms and 4x1500W @ 4Ohms.