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Free Universal Acoustic Room Treatment Kits with Focal Speakers

Buy a pair of Focal CMS65, Solo 6BE or Twin 6BE speakers and get Universal Acoustics Room Treatment kit for free. Focal Speakers Focal have teamed up with acoustic treatment experts Universal Acoustics to give you the Complete Monitoring Solution. Get a Free Universal Acoustics Room Kit when you buy a pair of Focal Monitors. Choose from either the CMS65, Solo 6BE or the Twin 6BE and you will receive the ideal acoustic treatment pack for your Focal Monitors. Offer ends on March 31st 2013. Buy CMS65 Pair – Get Pluto Kit Free Buy Solo 6BE Pair – Get Mercury 1 Kit Free Buy Twin 6BE Pair – Get Mercury 2 Kit Free Focal Professional is the professional audio division for Focal, specialising in studio monitoring for music and creative studios worldwide. Focal Monitors are a unique monitor brand due to their innovative speaker technology. Focal Pro has spent years developing their monitor range to achieve sonic perfection. Focal Monitors have been the number choice for elite mix and master engineers in the music industry. Focal Professional has a targeted monitor range for both large and small studios. Focal will suit any studio environment and aim to give an unprecedented sound, every time.