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Focusrite release new Clarett Windows driver

Focusrite Clarett Windows 10

Focusrite has released its debut version of a new Windows driver for its popular Clarett range. Users will be able to run the Thunderbolt interfaces with Thunderbolt-equipped Windows computers, delivering the same functions and performance to that enjoyed on the Mac.

Windows users will enjoy sub 3 ms round trip latency and the same reliable usage that Mac-based Clarett users experience. The low latency allows users to record and monitor while using their favourite plug-ins in real time, as well as other DAW workflow benefits.

The first release of the driver supports Thunderbolt connectivity via Display Port for all Clarett interfaces. The driver is compatible with the latest updates of Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, whilst future editions will add support for Thunderbolt 3 Type C connectivity and the range of Red interfaces. The driver also supports Focusrite Control and the included software mixer is designed for easy composition of monitoring and routing setups and is available in both Windows/Mac, including support for Focusrite Control iOS.

Focusrite’s Clarett audio interfaces are widely praised for their sound quality, performance and value. Their high-performance, low noise, low distortion mic preamps mirror the sound of Focusrite’s heritage transformer-based mic preamps. The interfaces include precision 24-bit/192 kHz conversion and offer super-low latency.

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