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Focusrite RedNet MP8R FAQ

The Focusrite RedNet MP8R is an 8-channel remote-controlled microphone preamplifier and A/D for the Dante audio-over-IP network, designed specifically for the live sound/recording and broadcast environments, and other workflows where reliability is paramount, with Ethernet and power supply redundancy.

RedNet is a highly expandable range of modular Ethernet-networked audio interfaces that harnesses the power of Audinate’s tried and tested Dante digital audio networking system to bring studio quality sound to any modern audio application.

Focusrite Rednet MP8R

Focusrite have released some useful frequently asked questions about the MP8R unit.

What Preamps are utilised in the MP8R?

We are often asked as to which model of Preamp is in the MP8R 8 Channel RedNet Mic Pre. The MP8R preamps have been designed from the ground up, and are not based on any existing Focusrite Preamps. Bringing together decades of experience with mic preamps, the DC coupled, capacitor free design is the most open, transparent and natural sounding pre Focusrite has ever made.

What is the difference between the MP8R Preamps and Clarett Preamps?

The two ranges of products have different Mic Pre designs. The Clarett range features brand new transformer-modeled preamps, and the RedNet range is a DC coupled, and capacitor free design. The Clarett Pre also has "air mode" which models the ISA Preamp Sound.

Focusrite RedNet MP8R

I can only see 8 XLR Inputs, where are the line inputs?

On the back pannel, there are 8 XLR inputs, which can be utilised as either Mic Pre or Line level inputs. The PAD function for these inputs can be activated for connecting high output devices.

There is a 2.4kOhm switch for each preamp, what are they set to by standard?

Each preamp has been designed with an input impedance of 10kOhms. Switching impedence provides flexibility when running multiple mic pres in parallel. These can be utilised with a passive switch, to send one mic signal to both an FOH console and the MP8R simultaneously for example.

Focusrite RedNet MP8R RearWhat is the Gain compensation feature, and how does it work?

Gain compensation allows two consoles(Yamaha CL and QL now supported), or systems to be simultaenously connected to the same RedNet Mic Pre. When loaded into Dante Controller, each Preamp has two outputs, where the first are listed as 1-8, and the second set as 9-16. An example of this could be a monitor and FOH console. When the FOH console adjusts the input gain of a preamp, the monitor consoles input is compensated.