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Dynamic Microphone Kick Drum Shootout - Video

We wanted to do a quick shootout of popular kick drum microphones to hear the sonic differences each mic exhibits.

The microphones on show included:-

We were using a Premier Elite Maple 22” kick drum and the shootout involved placing the mics in 2 positions:-

  1. At the sound hole of the skin with the grill of the mic just on the inside angled slightly towards the beater.
  2. The second position placed the mic at approximately 5 inches off the beater.

The audio featured in the video is untreated in anyway, recorded via a Universal Audio Apollo 8 Duo into Pro Tools 12.

The preamp levels where the same for all the mics in both positions to limit any colouration and we have adjusted the levels of the audio slightly to match each other.

By placing the microphones in the exact same position as each other - rather than placing them where we thought each got  the best sound (a subjective point anyway...) - we hoped to hear the real differences in the voicing of each mic to help you decide which might be best for your collection.

Let us know your thoughts on which mic you preferred and what interesting differences you observed.

View the featured microphones on our website:



Shure Beta 52a

Shure Beta 52a

Sennhesier e902

Sennheiser e902

Audix D6

Audix D6



*The images of these position followed the recording and are not the exact placements of each microphone.

*The AKG D12 VR was in its flat EQ position as it was not fed any phantom power. This mic does have some EQ curve that can be applied when phantom power is present, making it potentially a much more flexible item.