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DJ Equipment Christmas Gift Ideas

Looking for gift ideas to buy for DJs this Christmas? Whether it be CD decks, mixers, turntables, controllers or headphones we have it covered!

CD decks/players

Pioneer CDJ2000 Nexus2

Pioneer CDJ2000NXS2 Nexus Pro Digital DJ Multimedia Player

The Pioneer CDJ2000NXS2 is the industry club standard CD deck you’ll find used in clubs worldwide by professional DJs. Acquiring all of the best features from the Pioneer CDJ 2000 NXS and then some more, this is a top level model CD deck which includes a larger, multicolour touch screen with Qwerty keyboard and search filters to help you select tracks faster.

Numark CDN77 USB

Numark CDN77 USB - Twin CD & USB Player

The Numark CDN77USB is a rack-mountable dual USB and MP3 CD player which allows you to put your entire digital music library on a USB flash or hard drive and use it at a gig. The CDN77USB is an affordably priced unit with great features, including Master Tempo, Scratching, Seamless Loop, Pitch Control, Reverse and Brake effects and an Auto-BPM counter.

Pioneer XDJ1000

Pioneer XDJ1000 MKII Pro DJ Multi Format Player & Controller

The Pioneer XDJ-1000 has a similar to design to past pioneer CDJ's but with the XDJ you can say goodbye to CD's forever. The XDJ-1000 can play music from a range of devices such as iPhone, iPod touch, Android phone, USB storage devices and both Mac/Windows based computers. MPC. AAC, WAV and AIFF files can be played on the XDJ-1000 but MP3 and AAC only when using the iOS version of rekordbox.


Pioneer PLX-1000

Pioneer PLX-1000 Analogue Turntable

For DJs wishing to play on vinyl, the Pioneer PLX-1000 is high-torque, direct-drive DJ turntable and features a classic design that will be instantly familiar to all users, with a Technics 1210 look and feel. Features include multi-pitch control, club-grade build and sound quality, detachable power and audio cables.

Audio Technica AT-LP1240-USB

Audio Technica AT-LP1240-USB - Professional Direct Drive DJ Turntable (USB & Analogue)

A good alternative to the Pioneer PLX-1000, the AT-LP1240USB provides DJ-friendly features such as an illuminated speed indicator with adjustable pitch control and a dual start/stop button. As well as for DJs, is also perfect for home usage, with its classic black and silver design ideal for any stereo music or home entertainment system.

Reloop RP-2000 MK3

Reloop RP-2000 MK3 USB Direct Drive Turntable

The RP-2000 MK3 USB is a reliable and more cost affordable alternative deck with loads of great features such as strong torque power, a high-powered motor, phono and line output, and offers a USB connection for digitizing your beloved vinyl records. An unparalleled turntable in its price range.


Pioneer DJM900 Nexus2

Pioneer DJM900 NXS2 Nexus - 4 Channel Pro DJ Digital Mixer

The Pioneer DJM-900NXS2 DJ Mixer is the second generation of the industry standard mixer. A high quality and rugged build for professional use, this mixer is a good upgrade on the previous model. Includes features such as improved digital sound processing, improved analogue input, new EQ curves, 6 Sound Colour FX, 14 Beat FX and many more.


Denon MC6000 MK2

Denon MC6000 MK2 - Dual controller and 4 channel mixer with Serato DJ Intro

A more economical option to the Pioneer XDJ-RX, the Denon MC6000Mk2 is a flagship professional DJ controller and 4-channel digital mixer, including table top CD and Vinyl decks, plus auxiliary input sources which can easily be combined, with USB audio input routing adding even more adaptability. During fast-paced, demanding live performances, the real time channel matrix control of the MC6000MK2 ensures fast and efficient DJ hand-overs too.

Numark Mixtrack 3 Pro

Numark MixTrack Pro 3 - DJ Software Controller

The Numark MixTrack Pro 3 is a less costly DJ controller which features 16 multi-function backlit performance pads used to launch samples, control hot cues and add loops as you perform. The Mixtrack is also equipped with two advanced dual-zone platters enabling you to scratch or stop a track just by touching the top surface, while working the platter from the side allows you to adjust the pitch. A rugged controller designed to withstand the rigours of heavy live use.


Sennheiser HD8DJ

Sennheiser HD8DJ - Closed-back Headphones

The HD8DJ are Sennheiser’s top-of-the-line DJ headphones which have been designed for the most demanding users and punishing professional environments. Developed in conjunction with some of the world’s top DJs, they are durable and high quality, and acoustically inspired by the industry club standard Sennheiser HD 25. A brilliant pair of cans that produce outstanding sound reproduction, focusing on the rhythm and beat matching which professionals need.

Pioneer HDJ2000 K

Pioneer HDJ2000 K Headphones (Black)

Another excellent pair of DJ headphones, the Pioneer HDJ-2000 provide superior sound whether it be in the club environment or for professional use in studios. The headphones have a nice, snug fit and provide excellent durability for demanding usage. The HDJ2000 K’s swivel mechanism allows to turn 90 degrees for more convenient single-ear, on-shoulder, and various other monitoring styles.

Sennheiser HD25

Sennheiser HD25 MKII Pro Headphones (No Spares)

If you’re looking for a pair of headphones for mobile monitoring, the closed-back HD 25-IIs are a great choice. Capable of handling very high sound pressure levels, these headphones perform considerably well in loud club and studio environments.