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Club Rouge Choose Studiocare for Grand Opening

Club Rouge Choose Studiocare for Grand Opening

The former Nexus Club in St Helens is set to reopen on December 18th after undergoing a £160,000 refurbishment and rebrand. Changing its name to Club Rouge, the 2000 person capacity nightspot was quick to call in the services of Studiocare to update the DJ booth.

Working closely with resident DJ Mike Lewis, Studiocare supplied and installed a pair of Pioneer CDJ1000 Mark 3 decks with a Pioneer DJM800 mixer. A Sonifex RB-DA6 distribution amplifier has been utilised to split the signal between several zones.

Having tried several speaker and amplifier combinations, Mike settled on a pair of 800W JBL SRX712M cabinets powered by a Lab Gruppen FP3400 as his preferred monitor rig.

Studiocare wishes Club Rouge every success for its opening weekend. If you would like any further information on how we can update or service your venue, please call 0151 236 7800.