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Bock 507 & Schertler Yellow Review by Alec Brit

In many modern production rooms and home studios, artists and producers will often save up a significant amount of money to purchase one singular microphone and one singular mic pre to deal with all recording tasks.

In this demonstration, the only microphone used in the recording process was the Bock Audio 5-Zero-7. It was used in conjunction with a Schertler Yellow 500 Mic pre, and into an Apogee Ensemble at 96k.

The acoustic guitar was recorded with the microphone a foot and a half away from the sound hole, and the voice in a standard position of around 7-9 inches away from the microphone.

A microphone will often show its true worth when stacking backing vocals, in this instance using the Bock was almost intoxicating. As the backing vocals were stacking, there was no ‘harsh’ and ‘spitty’ sibilance but the definition was still very much there, without the low mids taking up too much space and making the harmonies hard to place.

Recording the acoustic guitars and the resonator guitar gave surprisingly good results – often using large diaphragm condensers on these sound sources can be a minefield of mud and proximity issues but placing the microphone further away allowed me to capture the natural tone of the instrument, without sacrificing the bottom end.

Usually when using one mic and mic pre I tend to find that putting the mix together to be a slightly harder experiences due to the same character traits being printed on every channel. The Shertler in this recording did its job really well and there was not a single moment where I thought about it. Once the gain was set, I got on with the job of writing and recording. This is what sets cleaner pieces apart from those with slighter more character - you are always aware of the ‘vibe’ a pre can give you. Sometimes you want it to be controlled, classy and easy.

The processing on the session was extremely simple. TSAR reverb on voice, Neve 1073dpx (boosting top end by about 3db) on the master buss insert. No EQ/compression on the vocals. A slight bass roll off on the verse Guitar. And Valhalla Shimmer on reverse artefacts and singing bowl.

Enjoy the simple tune, and hopefully this allows you to hear the character of the mic and the pre. The logic session and stems are available for download just get in touch with a Studiocare sales representative.

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