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Blue Mikey Microphone - the latest addition to the range - puts pro audio capture within the reach of the iPod generation…

Blue Mikey Microphone

Mikey, Blue's new iPod recording device that makes it quick and easy to record lectures, voice notes, live music, interviews, field recording and more. Mikey can capture it all with audio quality previously unheard of in a hand-held device.

But then that’s precisely what you'd expect from a company with years of experience designing and engineering award-winning studio mics. Mikey features Blue's superior quality stereo condenser capsules, 3-position user-selectable gain settings, and even a built-in speaker for instant playback. Mikey can even be fine-tuned to record everything from barely audible sounds to extremely loud sources – without losing audio fidelity.

Mikey's unique user-positionable head swivels through 180 degrees to provide maximum flexibility and usability, allowing you to position Mikey towards sound sources, no matter where they’re located.

Mikey works with iPod nano 2G, 3G & 4G; iPod classic, iPod 5G, and is compatible with most protective cases.

Characteristics • Superior quality stereo recording • Positionable/directional design • User-adjustable gain control • Requires no software installation • Compatible with iPod nano 2G, 3G & 4G; iPod classic; iPod 5G & most cases

Suggested Applications Lectures, Voice notes/interviews, Live music, Field recording

Available from Studiocare - Price: £49.00 GBP + VAT (£56.35 Inc 15%VAT)