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Avid Release Pro Tools 12.7

AVID Pro Tools 12.7

Avid have released Pro Tools 12.7, the latest update to their audio workstation. Equipping you with everything you need to compose, record, edit and mix music and audio, Pro Tools is used by professionals worldwide to make music, handle sound for movies & television, live sound, broadcast and streaming media. Allowing you to broaden your creative capabilities so you can produce the best sounding mixes possible, this new release will provide you with dynamic new ways to explore and work with loops and sound libraries to explore and share new versions of music and soundtracks.

With the 12.7 update, you can explore and experiment with new creative ideas using Project Revisions. Here you can share tracks with anyone and anywhere to collaborate with song writing partners, band mates, friends or colleagues wherever they’re located. It also allows you to edit audio faster and easier, whilst elevating your sound to a new level with a great selection of plug-ins and instruments.

12.7 New Features

Soundbase - Find the right loops and sounds fast

If you want to find that perfect beat, groove, style, or sound for your project, Soundbase allows you to browse, search, audition, explore and experiment with loops, samples and sound effects from practically any sound library. This new Workspace pane allows you to quickly search your library by instrument, genre, tempo, key, time signature and your own tags.

Pro Tools Soundbase

2GB Loopmasters Sound Library - Inspire and accelerate music creation

Pro Tools now comes with a 2 GB high-quality loop library from Loopmasters designed by the industry’s leading producers to energise your mix/projects. In Soundbase you’ll easily find and audition loops, whether you need a rhythm, riff or instrumental accompaniment. Choose from hundreds of mini musical works.

Revision History - Experiment and share new ideas

Pro Tools keeps all version history, audio and video files, notes and other data organized for you in the cloud. With Project Revisions, you can now quickly go back to an older version of your project if you change your mind. Explore new versions of a song or soundtrack, make notes, share ideas with others and quickly jump back to any previous state from anywhere.

Pro Tools Revision History

Crank up your creativity and speed

Top artists, musicians, producers, mixers, engineers, sound designers, recording studios and post facilities choose Pro Tools for everything they do due to its creativity and speed. From powerful new loop-based music creation and trying ideas in Revision History, to timesaving workflows that shorten editing and post production times, Pro Tools enables you to create work at the speed of your imagination.

Stay current, stay ahead

All Pro Tools purchases, upgrades, and subscriptions come with an Avid All Access plan that ensures you always have the latest features and fixes at your fingertips. Here you can get access to all new Pro Tools updates and upgrades, as long as your plan is active. With select plans, you have 24x7 access to Avid’s Customer Care team to get help and advice whenever you need it.