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Avid Pro Multiband Dynamic & Pro Subharmonic Plug-Ins

Avid have released two new plug-ins for Pro Tools, the Pro Multiband Dynamic and the Pro Subharmonic. Both plug-ins are in AAX Native 64, AAX DSP 64 and Audiosuite 64 format and continue the Pro Series of plug-ins that have been very popular with engineers, musicians and producers.

The plug-ins are designed for both audio post and music applications and targeted at professionals who rely on high quality plug-ins, with powerful features, that are easy to use, for day to day basic processing tasks. Pro Compressor, Pro Limiter and Pro Expander are perfectly suited to low latency music recording work and high track count post sessions with Pro Tools | HDX systems.

Avid Pro Multiband Dynamic

Pro Multiband Dynamics offers several unique features to control and shape sound with precision, including downward and upward compression/expansion and 4-way signal splitting, enabling individual frequency band processing and output.

The package also includes Pro Multiband Splitter plug-in to route each frequency band from the original source signal, without any dynamics processing, to Auxiliary Input tracks for unique band-by-band signal processing.

Avid Pro Multiband Dynamics

This is the only multiband dynamics processor available for up to 7.1 and also on AAX DSP 64. Being able to visually see the waveform and graphically move the crossover points and the degree of compression/expansion makes this one of the easiest multiband processors to use on the market. If you’ve tried working with multiple band dynamics processors before and have had difficulty controlling the effect, check out Pro Multiband Dynamics – there is nothing like this out there.

It’s built from the Pro Compressor which has received great reviews, it’s one the best sounding compressors on the market, again you need to hear it for yourself.

Pro Multiband Dynamic is available as a downloadable Activation Card plug-in. To purchase an Avid Activation card for this plug-in, CLICK HERE.

Avid Pro Subharmonic

Whether you need a high-quality plug-in that offers ultra-low latency recording and mixing with Pro Tools | HDX, or want an easy way to amp up low frequencies in Pro Tools and more, Pro Subharmonic will help you boost your bottom end with ease. Again, like the Pro Multiband Dynamics, this is the only sub generator that supports up to 7.1 surround and AAX DSP.

Avid Pro Subharmonic

It gives you a lot of control, you can basically select from four frequency bands; 120-180, 80-120, 60-90 and 40-60 Hz. Once the band is selected band a sub one octave below will be generated, so 40 to 60 range will generate a 20-30Hz sub, perfect for explosions. The upper band 120-180 Hz is more suited to adding lower mid to a bass guitar signal for example, so this works perfectly for music and post applications. Plus there is a drive control for adding various levels of crunch and distortion for fat saturated drum sounds in electronic tracks, for example. There are controls for sending the sub to various speakers in surround projects and wet/dry mix to give you ultimate control of the amount of the effect. There is nothing like this anywhere.

Pro Subhormonic is available as a downloadable Activation Card plug-in. To purchase an Avid Activation card for this plug-in, CLICK HERE.