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Avid announces Pro Tools 11

Avid announces a major software upgrade with Pro Tools 11. The software has been re-written from the ground up bringing many long-awaited features to the user along with some great new innovations as well.

New 64-bit Avid Audio Engine

Pro Tools is now powered by the newly built Avid Audio Engine. Built from the ground up, all the old legacy code has gone and the software is now 64-bit. 32-bit software can only utilise a maximum of 4GB of RAM. 64-bit blows open the roof on that limit (16 Exabytes) meaning users can now start to fully access all the RAM in their systems. In real terms, this means that you will be able to run larger sessions with more virtual instruments and plug-ins than before. Pro Tools 11 - Avid Audio Engine

Offline Bounce (finally!)

Pro Tools 11 now features offline bouncing. Depending on the session complexity, this can be done at up to a staggering 150x playback speed . This is not just for bouncing out mixes, but can be used to target specific tracks with an option to import the bounced track back in. It’s great for creating audio files of virtual instruments for both stem preparation as well as ‘freezing’ (although freezing tracks may not be such an issue with the new 64-bit architecture). Of course if using any outboard, offline bouncing is not an option.

Avid Pro Tools 11 - Offline Bounce

Dedicated Input Buffer

There is now a separate input and output buffer. In the past (more specifically on non-HD) the user would need to make a decision between low latency or less CPU load. This was set by the buffer size. 2048 sample meant less computer strain but a long latency, 32 samples meant more load on the CPU but less latency. Pro Tools 11 handles the output buffer auto-adjusting it depending on the size of the session, but now when you set the buffer size, you are only affecting the input buffer. This means that your artist can perform with the lowest latency whilst you computer is not put under extra strain. The best of both worlds. Pro Tools 11 - Dynamic Host Processing and Input Buffer  

Dynamic Host Processing

Pro Tools can now reduce the CPU load to plug-ins when they are not being used by looking at tracks that have no audio on parts in the arrangement. Great for times when you have something like a bunch of chorus vocal tracks that are doing nothing for large parts of the track, freeing up resources in the verses for other things.

Automation Improvements

Automation has been significantly tightened up with every piece of automation now having a time stamp. This applies to offline bouncing as well.

Pro Tools 11 - Advanced Automation


New Metering

Pro Tools 11 introduces 17 different metering options. The new meters are now 30% taller and they offer gain reduction feedback from any dynamic plug-in used on the channel. Master output channels can be set to a different metering option. Each send point can now be seen in an expanded mode with mini-faders making it quicker to set your send levels, and although not big enough to give an accurate display, inserts now have mini-meters on the right of the grey block to let you know that audio is passing through the plug-in. Pro Tools 11 - Advanced Metering

HD Video

The Avid Media Composer video engine is now sat within Pro Tools. This means that Pro Tools is now much less fussy about the video format you try to put into it, saving a lot of time when transcoding video files. In the session, you can work to a lower quality proxy and switch between that and the full quality video. Great for checking exact timings of things against the full quality video. You can also edit the video direct on the timeline. Avid has now increased support for the following interfaces: AVID: Mojo DX, Nitris DS AJA: Kona 3G, Kona 3, Kone LHI, Kone LHE+, IO Express, IO XT, T-Tap Blackmagic: All Products Pro Tools 11 - HD Video *    AJA and Blackmagic devices support will be subject to final testing from AJA and Blackmagic  

Pro Tools 10 and Pro Tools 11 Co-install

Avid Pro Tools 11 comes with a Pro Tools 10 license to help with the transition from RTAS and TDM to AAX. RTAS is no longer available in Pro Tools 11 and for those plug-ins that have not yet been converted to 64-bit AAX, Pro Tools 10 can still be used on the same machine. You can even open up sessions in both versions as the PT10 and PT11 session are fully cross-compatible. Pro Tools 11