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Audient iD14 Group Buy - Calling All Students!

For a limited time only, Audient are excited to announce an exclusive UK educational discount on their new award winning audio interface, iD14. All you need to take advantage of this offer is a valid educational email address. The more students that sign up, the bigger the discount. With the lowest price being £149 inc. VAT.

Audient iD14 Group Buy

In order to the receive their unique code, students with valid educational email address can register HERE at the Audient Website.

So here’s how it works, every person that registers to receive the educational discount will be sent a unique code that can be redeemed at a participating dealer. Now this is where it gets interesting, the more of you that sign up the bigger the discount everyone receives nationwide. It’s as simple as that.

Remember - the more people that sign up, the cheaper the price gets and the quicker iD14 will be yours at just £149!

Once your registration has been received, you will be emailed with an 11 character unique discount code similar to the following: hgjd76HGj35

The promotion will conclude on the either promotion end date (Friday 20th October 2015), or when the maximum discount level has been reached. On completion of the promotion, Audient will contact all registered users stating the final discounted price and all customers with a valid unique code from Audient can purchase an iD14 at the final group buy price from us.


Audient iD14