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Audient ASP880 Announced

Newly announced at Musikmesse 2014, British based Audient have revealed the ASP880, an 8 channel mic pre with AD conversion. The Audient ASP880 shares the same preamp technology and design as Audient’s ASP8024 analogue console and is built with Burr Brown designed AD converters that will let you expand the I/O of your current system, or bypass your interface preamps entirely through the use of ADAT, AES and S-PDIF. The preamps can also be directly by-passed to allow analogue gear to be connected straight into the converters through the use of the A.D Switch found on each channel.

Audient ASP880

The ASP880 also features three, switchable impedance settings for each of its channels; perfect for ribbon mics and tone adjustment, along with variable high pass filters to control low end. All of this is packaged into a solidly built, aluminium 1U chassis.

We expect the ASP880 to ship sometime around autumn this year.