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Antelope Audio Announce Zen Studio

Antelope Audio have announced their latest fully featured audio interface, the Zen Studio. The Zen Studio is a high-quality, portable USB 2.0 audio interface featuring 38 simultaneous input and 32 output. There are 20 analogue inputs with 12 world-class mic preamps and 2 banks of ADAT I/O for up to 16 channels of digital audio.

Antelope Audio Zen

Designed to meet the needs of both up-and-coming and experience producers, engineers, sound designers & independent musicians, the Zen Studio features a comprehensive set of analogue and digital I/O with exceptional sound quality and flexibility.

The world-class mic pres, Antelope's signature clocking and the FPGA-based DSP Effects result in the best sounding portable recording interface available. The Zen Studio is a light and ergonomic potable device that easily fits into a backpack.

Antelope Audio Zen Studio

All audio I/O is available simultaneously for a total of 38 possible input and 32 output channels, plus 24 simultaneous I/O channels via USB. Users can create up to four independent zero-latency mixes assignable to any outputs, including the two independent headphone outputs and monitor outputs.

Zen Studio uses the same heavily tested custom USB technology from Antelope's flagship 32-channel interface, the Orion, and is provides the most analog-sounding A/D & D/A conversion on the market alongside Antelope's solid Acoustically Focused Clocking.

Zen Studio DSP is based on a custom FPGA device with massive parallel processing capabilities – eight times more powerful than DSP chips used in similar devices. The unit is fully controllable using an intuitive desktop application on both PC and Mac, offering flexible signal routing and DSP-based Effects along side custom presets.

Antelope Audio Zen Studio Rear


  • 20 analog inputs, 14 analog outputs (includes
  • headphone outs)
  • 12 Class A mic preamps, with phantom power
  • 8 mic/line inputs
  • 4 mic/line/instrument inputs
  • 2 Independently assignable headphone outputs
  • 2 DSUB-25 connector (8 channels I/O)
  • 1 Stereo monitor out
  • 4 ADAT connectors (up to 16 channels I/O)
  • 2 SPDIF RCA connectors (I/O)
  • 2 Inserts over TRS
  • 2 Word Clock BNC connectors (I/O)
  • 1 Low-latency high-bandwidth USB 2.0

The Antelope Audio Zen Studio is available to pre-order now and should be available from late May 2014.