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Avid Pro Tools HD - Annual Subscription Renewal (9935-71762-00)

Avid Pro Tools HD - Annual Subscription Renewal (9935-71762-00)

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Brand: Avid

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Renew your existing Pro Tools HD annual subscription for a further 12 months. Continue to take advantage of some of the most advanced tools to quickly and precisely edit tracks as well as 25 bonus plug-ins including compressors, limiters, reverbs and more.
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Avid Pro Tools HD - Annual Subscription Renewal (9935-71762-00)

Renew your existing Pro Tools HD annual subscription for a further 12 months. Continue to take advantage of some of the most advanced tools to quickly and precisely edit tracks as well as 25 bonus plug-ins including compressors, limiters, reverbs and more.

Subscription ends 12 months after activation date and will need to be renewed before the end of this term if you wish to continue to use Pro Tools HD.

Pro Tools HD is the go-to software for the entire range of audio applications - mix, compose, record and edit all in one place. Whether you are in the music, film, TV or broadcast industry Pro Tools HD can handle it all.

Included with this software is the Avid support and upgrade plan for 12 months. Gain access to support direct from Avid as well as instant access to updates as soon as they are released. Support plans are renewable annually.

New for Pro Tools 12

  • Save time with batch fades
  • Access upgrades, bonus plug-ins and support
  • Edit layers of audio more easily
  • Edit playlists more easily
  • Adjust fades more easily
  • Collaborate in the cloud
  • Get track freeze, commit and bounce
  • Take control with your iPad

* Please note that in order to use Audio Interfaces with this license you will need a Pro Tools Digilink I/O license.

Pro Tools 12 Features

Play and share sessions easily with Track Commit—just added
Processor-hungry virtual instruments can impact system performance with plug-in-heavy mixes. And collaboration or project delivery to a client may require that you all have the same plug-ins used in the session. But no more. With Track Commit—a powerful and flexible precursor to the full Track Freeze workflow coming soon—you can render/flatten tracks to free up processing power and plug-in requirements. With tons of options that simplify the process for you.

Position clips more precisely with clip transparency—just added
If you’re a sound editor or designer, precision and speed are paramount when it comes to aligning and editing clips. With Pro Tools 12.3, clips now take on a translucent appearance whenever you move and overlap one over another, giving you better visual clarity of their context. This enables you to align the waveforms of a new audio clip to the visual cues of an existing one’s waveforms with much better precision and ease.

Save time with batch fades—just added
Fading tracks is one of the fundamentals of audio mixing. But it can be tedious and time consuming when editing thousands of audio clips. With new fade enhancements, you can speed through repetitious tasks and gain more time to focus on the creative aspects of your mix. Create presets for fade ins, fade outs, crossfades, and batch fades. Recall presets directly from your keyboard or control surface. And control fade settings independently when working with batch fades.

Access upgrades, bonus plug-ins, and more—New to Pro Tools 12.2
All Pro Tools subscriptions, upgrades, and crossgrades now come with a new All Access plan. With the All Access Upgrade and Support plan, you get access to all new Pro Tools releases and expert help throughout your annual plan or subscription, plus access to an amazing bonus collection of high-quality effects and sound-processing plug-ins—at no additional cost. Or choose a lower-cost Annual Upgrade Plan and get all upgrades for just $99/year. And if you later decide you want access to the bonus plug-ins and support, just add the new Annual Plug-in and Support Plan for $99/year.

Get the ultimate mixing experience—New to Pro Tools 12.2
Work with even more advanced tools right in Pro Tools. Mix and control groups of tracks faster and easier with VCA Masters. Mix with confidence using 17 advanced metering options, including K-system, VU, and other professional standards. Get gain reduction metering on every channel to gauge dynamics. And get smoother performance and highly responsive recording and playback with the extended Disk Cache feature, which loads entire sessions into RAM—no matter how large.

Take control of your session with an iPad
With support for our free new Pro Tools | Control iOS app, you can wirelessly control Pro Tools and other EUCON-enabled audio and video software, freeing you from being tethered to your workstation. Because Pro Tools tightly integrates with the app, you can record and mix faster and easier than working with a mouse and keyboard alone. And we’ll say it again—it’s free!

Crank up amazing tones and effects—just added
Get the sounds of some of the most coveted classic stompboxes with access to 16 stompbox effects plug-ins—available to Pro Tools and Pro Tools | HD users, exclusively through your All Access Annual Upgrade and Support Plan, Annual Plug-in and Support Plan, or Pro Tools subscription. From realistic emulations of the Pro Co Rat, Ibanez Tube Screamer, and Big Muff Pi distortion pedals, to the unmistakable sounds of the Cry Baby wah and Leslie rotary speaker, these incredible vintage sounds are available, right in Pro Tools. And they can be used to enhance any type of track—not just guitars.

Go bigger and get advanced features
Rehearse and record more easily with track input monitoring. Dial in cue mixes in a snap by copying fader settings to sends. Create bigger mixes with support for up to 128 simultaneous audio tracks. Expand your musical creativity further with support for up to 512 instrument tracks. Solo tracks in PFL (pre-fader listen) or AFL (after-fader listen) mode for optimal recording.

Collaborate in the cloud—coming soon
Imagine being able to work on a session with friends, bandmates, colleagues, or even your favorite artist, producer, editor, or voice actor—no matter where they are, anywhere in the world. That’s what’s coming with Avid Cloud Collaboration for Pro Tools, a groundbreaking new set of features that will enable you to compose, record, edit, and mix sessions collaboratively with other Pro Tools users as if you’re all working together in the same studio. Simply invite any of your available connections to collaborate using built-in chat, or find new collaborators through the online Artist Community, part of the Avid Marketplace.

Additional Information

Additional Information

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Model 9935-71762-00
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