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Avid Digidesign D-Control 16ES Fader control surface with surround panner including stand - Used

Avid Digidesign D-Control 16ES Fader control surface with surround panner including stand - Used

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Brand: Avid

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Avid Digidesign 16 fader D-Control ES control surface for ProTools includes Surround Panner and Xmon.
Decommissioned from a UK based broadcast facility and fully serviced here at Studiocare.
Late 2013 model in excellent condition.
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Avid Digidesign D-Control 16ES

The Avid Digidesign D-Control 16ES provides hands-on control of every feature in Pro Tools, and offers powerful options for customizing the Pro Tools mix environment. The Meter display on the D-Control Main Unit can be set to show the output levels, or levels associated with a track or plug-in.

This unit is used but has been fully serviced and cleaned. If you require more detailed pictures or more information on this control surface please contact use via phone or email.

D-Control 16ES Features

Time Scale Displays and Location Indicators
The Time Scale displays and Location indicators mirror the corresponding indicators in Pro Tools. See “Meter and Time Code Displays (Main Unit)” on page 124.

Display Shelf and Display Arm Housing
D-Control gives you two options for using a video display: You can place a free-standing display on the display shelf, or you can install a VESA TFT display on the included display arm. See “Installing a Video Display” on page 27.

Focus Channel Strip
The Focus Channel Strip on the D-Control Main Unit is used to bring the controls of any channel strip in a session to the center of the control surface, bringing them to the center mix position. See “Channel Strips” on page 49.

Dynamics and EQ Sections
The D-Control Main Unit provides dedicated Dynamics and EQ sections for plug-ins that support D-Control Dynamics and EQ plug-in mapping. See Chapter 7, “Plug-in Controls.”

Monitor Section
The Monitor section on the D-Control Main Unit includes a full set of controls for the control room monitoring, headphone/cue, and talkback/listenback sections of D-Control. See “Monitor Section Controls” on page 115.

Zoom/Navigation Section
The Zoom/Navigate section on the D-Control Main Unit is used to control navigation, display, and selections in the Pro Tools Edit window. See “Zoom/Navigate Section” on page 97.

Bank/Nudge and Bank Select Sections
The Bank/Nudge and Bank Select sections on the D-Control Main Unit are used to control the display of Pro Tools tracks on the control surface, in both Normal and Custom Fader modes. See “Bank/Nudge Section” on page 98 and “Bank Select Matrix” on page 98.

Window Management and Session Management Sections
The Window Management and Session Management sections on the D-Control Main Unit include controls for opening and closing Pro Tools windows, and managing and saving Pro Tools sessions. See “Window Management Section” on page 101 and “Session Management Section” on page 102.

Soft Keys Section
The Soft Keys section on the D-Control Main Unit provides access to a wide range of Pro Tools commands directly from the control surface. It also provides access to preferences and settings specific to D-Control. See “Soft Keys Section” on page 103.

Miscellaneous Controls
The Miscellaneous Controls section on the D-Control Main Unit includes controls for basic Pro Tools editing and display functions. See “Miscellaneous Controls Section” on page 112.

Transport Section
The Transport section on the D-Control Main Unit includes two complete sets of transport controls, switches for setting the transport mode, scrub/shuttle controls, as well as advanced audition and locate controls. See “Transport Section”
on page 91.

Channel Strip Master Section
The Channel Strip Master section is a set of controls that appears on both the left and right sides of the D-Control Main Unit, allowing easy access to powerful assignment, display, and channel function controls from any mixing position. See “Channel Strip Master Section” on page 57.

Custom Fader Controls
The Custom Fader controls in the D-Control Main Unit invoke a special set of D-Control modes, called Custom Fader modes, which let you set aside and customize channel strips for display and editing of a variety of functions. See “Custom
Fader Controls” on page 67.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Avid
Model D-Control 16ES