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Antelope Audio Satori - High-End Monitoring Controller inc. R4S Remote Control

Antelope Audio Satori - High-End Monitoring Controller inc. R4S Remote Control

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The Antelope Audio Satori is a true analogue monitoring and summing system with a large number of I/O, talkback functionality and a headphone output.
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Antelope Audio Satori - Monitoring Controller & Summing

The Antelope Audio Satori is a true analogue monitoring and summing system with a large number of I/O, talkback functionality and a headphone output..

Antelope's renowned relay-controlled stepped attenuator, the extremely versatile connectivity options and great selection of stereo effects such as mid-side monitoring, place the Satori among the most advanced monitoring controllers in the world, equally suited to both commercial and project studios. Satori expands upon the acclaimed design architecture of Eclipse 384 – Antelope's award-winning mastering AD/DA and monitoring controller. Carefully designed analogue circuits and fast, transparent relay attenuators ensure the audio integrity throughout the whole signal path. 

Stepped relay attenuator with precision accuracy
Satori employs advanced, quiet gold-plated relays and precise resistors to facilitate fast, responsive level attenuation, without sacrificing excellent sonic performance. These relays achieve 0.05 dB stereo accuracy and stable L/R balance even at lower volume levels. The pristine, attenuator signal path fully preserves audio signal integrity while revealing even the most subtle nuances.

Headphone amps and talk back
Surpassing most monitoring controllers, which offer one or two headphone outs, Satori features four independent headphone amps ready to provide several band members their own, unique input feed with independent volume control. Satori's headphone drivers are audiophile-grade and are the same as those used in Antelope's premium line of high-end home audio converters, able to drive both low and high impedance headphones.

Analogue summing functionality
In addition to providing outstanding monitoring capabilities, Satori includes a fully analogue 8-channel summer. Analogue summing allows engineers who work completely “in-the-box” to mix signals in the analogue domain for a more natural blending of instruments. The summer inside Satori maintains punch, headroom and excellent dynamics, while offering the analogue sound usually found only from legendary analogue consoles.

An abundant number of I/Os
Satori provides a generous amount of connectivity options. No other 1U monitoring system has eight stereo inputs and four stereo outputs and features such a comprehensive choice of connections: XLR, ¼'' TRS and D-Sub 25. Satori also boasts a subwoofer output and four ¼'' independent headphone outs.

Analogue sound with digital control
The exceptionally clear sonic performance of Satori is derived from advanced analogue circuit design. But the flexible and accurate control capabilities are made possible by Antelope's next generation of software control panel technology, which has opened the door to a whole new generation of analog devices, such as the Satori Monitoring System and MP32 32-channel mic preamp. For Satori this means fast and responsive source and speaker output switching, accurate remote volume control and also Mute, Mono, Dim, Mid/Side monitoring. The Satori Control Panel also features stereo peak meters for instant signal visualization.

The Antelope Audio Satori now includes the Antelope R4S for even greater control.

The Antelope Audio R4S is a remote control for the Satori monitoring and summing system. Connecting to Satori via USB, the R4S gives you control over Satori functions such as input select, monitor select, talkback, mono and mid-side modes, dim, and subwoofer channel on/off - all right from the convenience of your control room sweet spot. A big aluminum knob with a surrounding LED readout lets you control your monitor volume with precision repeatability. Sweetwater congratulates you on your smart investment in the Antelope Audio Satori. Maximize your Satori's functionality with the R4S remote control.

Antelope Audio R4S Features at a Glance:

  • Remote control for Antelope Audio Satori
  • Connects to Satori via USB
  • Controls:
  • Monitor volume
  • Input select
  • Monitor select
  • Mono and mid-side modes
  • Monitor dim
  • Subwoofer channel on/off
  • Talkback mic
  • Aluminum volume knob with surrounding LED readout

Antelope Audio Satori Features

  • A complete palette of inputs and outputs
  • Precise stepped relay volume control
  • Four independent headphone outputs with dedicated volume controls
  • Analogue Summing allowing easy mixing
  • Extremely flexible routing
  • Analogue sound with digital control
  • A user friendly desktop application available for both Windows and OS X


  • Inputs
    • Analogue 1 on XLR
    • Analogue 2 – 4 on 1/4” TRS
    • Analogue 5 – 8 on D-Sub 
    • Talkback Mic on 1/4” TRS
    • USB (for remote control) on USB type B
    • * Nominal Analogue Input level – 20dBu (Input Trim on each input of +6dB to -6dB)
  • Outputs
    • Monitor 1 on XLR
    • Monitor 2 – 4 on 1/4” TRS
    • Summer Output on 1/4” TRS
    • LFE on 1/4”
    • Headphones 1 – 2 (Front Panel) on 1/4” TRS
    • Headphones 3 – 4 (Back Panel) on 1/4” TRS  
    • * Nominal Analogue Output level – 20dBu (Input Trim on each input of +6dB to -6dB)
Additional Information

Additional Information

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