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Yellowtec VIP Digital mic preamp/ digital voice processor

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  • Yellowtec VIP Digital mic preamp/ digital voice processor

In the ever-competitive radio market, creating a unique sound has become one of the most vital challenges facing station management. While a combination of microphone and on-air processing is often used - voice and music processing requirements are different - the need for developing a synergy between them has not been adequately addressed.

But with VIP/digital, you now get the ultimate tool to meet today 's demands for clean, yet dynamic mic processing. VIP/digital gives you more power than any other mic processor you 've encountered. It lets you tailor your talent 's voice with an unprecedented arsenal of processing tools, then mates it perfectly with your station 's on-air audio processing.

VIP/digital is your top choice in mic processing, because it bundles the industry 's finest digital audio processing advances in one compact, economical package. From its Smart Detection De-esser to the integration of a natural-sounding reverb with comprehensive adjustments, not a single processing tool you need is missing.

There 's even a delay line, rarely included in products of this class, but indispensable for post production. Avoid the headaches of searching for the right combination of equipment with the processing you need - then expecting them to work together when you cascade them. Benefit from a new level of user convenience. In addition to its unique sound quality, VIP/digital offers a trouble-free and smart approach to handle user presets.

There 's no longer any reason to compromise the sound of your talent with processor settings that are supposed to suit everyone, but satisfy no one. Each voice/mic/studio combination requires customized processing. Efforts in the past were not satisfactory - the more control you had, the greater the risk of losing control. With VIP/digital, you get the perfect solution:

Give each of your talent a unique and personal sound, then store the processing parameters in the YELLOWTEC SmartCard. Sized like a credit card, it stores up to 3 individual presets on a semiconductor chip that won 't be erased by stray magnetic fields. Experience the benefit of improving your sound with perfect security.

Your talent can take their YELLOWTEC SmartCards with them from studio to studio, saving you the trouble of re-configuring each studio every time there 's a different user. Once stored in the SmartCard, talent can customize any VIP/digital unit with his/her settings. Each VIP/digital unit also stores a minimum of 50 complete presets internally. You can grant varying degrees of access to these internal presets, so that users only see the presets that are appropriate

Yellowtec VIP Features

  • Customized sounds for every presenterin every studio environment
  • Fast and secure for self-operators thanks to unique SmartCard concept
  • New features in Version 4.0
  • Compact Hardware Unit (19''/1U/340mm)
  • Studio reference-grade mic preamp
  • Balanced Mic/Line inputs and AES/EBU
  • 24bit AD/DA converters
  • 100 internal presets
  • Ultra-low latency (1,5ms)
  • Sound tailoring with Sound Control Software
  • Powerful tool to create, copy and backup sounds
  • Versatile dynamics: Compressor, Expander, Automatic Gain Control and Final Limiter
  • Built-in Phase Rotation for unsymetric waveforms
  • Excellent De-Esser based on sharpness-analysis via FFT
  • Vip-Verb - high quality reverb
Manufacturer Yellowtec
Model SYELVIPDigital
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