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Yamaha EMX512SC - Powered Mixer 12 Channel 500 watts

£446.00 £371.67 (ex. vat)

Yamaha EMX512SC - Powered Mixer 12 Channel 500 watts

  • Yamaha EMX512SC - Powered Mixer 12 Channel 500 watts

Yamaha EMX512SC - Powered Mixer 12 Channel 500 watts

Experienced musicians, performers, speakers, and club operators know the importance of a high-quality sound system with the right features and performance to deliver their sound. Where portability and convenience are important criteria, a system based on a high-performance Yamaha EMX512SC Powered Mixer is definitely the way to go. In one integrated, portable unit you have a mixer to combine and balance your microphone, instrument, and line sources, effects to refine and polish your sound, and power to drive the main speakers and even monitor speakers as well. But that's nowhere near the whole story - Yamaha EMX-series Powered Mixers offer a range of features that let you mix, process, and deliver your sound with maximum quality and creative control.

All four monaural mic/line channels on the Yamaha EMX512SC feature built-in compressors that can help to bring vocals to the front of the mix, give your guitars extra smoothness and presence, deliver more authoritative bass sound, and generally refine your mixes in a multitude of ways. These one-knob compressors are simple to use, too. There's no need to juggle multiple attack, threshold, makeup gain, and other controls - just set the COMP control for the amount of compression you need.

The Yamaha EMX512SC all feature a selection of 16 top-quality Yamaha SPX effects - including reverb, echo, chorus, flanger, phaser, and even distortion - that can add the final touch to your live presentation. Yamaha SPX digital effects are widely recognized as being some of the finest available, and the effects provided in the Yamaha EMX512SC mixers live up to that reputation.

Yamaha EMX512SC Features:

  • 500 Watts per channel peak power (125 Watts RMS) @ 4 Ohms
  • 8 microphone inputs
  • One-knob Compression on Mono Channels
  • Built in multi-effects unit
  • Dedicated effect send auxiliary on each channel
  • Dedicated monitor auxiliary send on each channel
  • High efficiency power amplifiers
  • Forced air cooling for reliability in difficult conditions
  • Lightweight and practical design
  • Optional rack mount hardware available
Manufacturer Yamaha
Model Yamaha EMX512SC
Yamaha EMX512SC
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